• Of course they do.

    Most women makes better bosses than some men but some male bosses are abusive and some female bosses are abusive too, That makes the male bosses and female bosses equal, I say american women make better bosses than both canadian and british men, Well yes women make better bosses than men.

  • I've never had a good male boss

    Most of my bosses have been male. They have all lied and did underhanded things to get their way. I've had a few good female bosses, only 1 bad female boss.

    Men don't like having a female boss. Maybe it emasculates them. I've also noticed that men can get away with being a bad boss, but he is a friend of so and so. It's the good old boy network. Women have to be 10x as good or do something extraordinary to be considered OK.

    I live in TN and the politicians suck here, like they do in most parts of the US. I include the women too, except we do have one good politician here. Kim McMillan has done some good things for TN.

  • Prefer to deal with women

    I am heterosexual female, so for relationship I need a man. But I noticed that every time I deal with women over any problems I get better outcome, I find women are more sociable, reliable and honest. I do admit though that there are some problems where men are better to deal with.

  • Women make better bosses

    I think women are able to carry dual burden and dual responsibility which a man is unable to do. This makes women multi tasking or multi skilled. Women are also more responsible than men. Many women are working in different organizations at different positions. In fact studies suggest women have good negotiating and discussion skills which gives them an edge over men and this is the major reason why companies mostly employ women.

  • Women Are Better at Multitasking, Communicating

    Women are better, in general, at communicating and multitasking. Both of these attributes work well in a business setting. No one person, male or female, is the perfect boss. If women were bosses everywhere, I believe workplaces will be better overall despite any perceived moodiness. Female bosses would keep men in line and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace in today's male-dominated society.

  • Women make better bosses

    Workers want bosses who understand them. Women in general are more understanding and are more likely to give empowerment to their employees than a man would. This gives people a reason to work for them. Also according to ABC news, 73% of people said they feel more comfortable working for a woman than a man.

  • No, women are not necessarily the best bosses.

    It's impossible to say that women make better bosses than men, or vice versa. Either statement would be an example of a stereotype. Each person is an individual, so a woman may sometimes be a better boss, and a man may sometimes be a better boss. The real "best bosses" are not tied in with gender, but are more about an individual's leadership skills.

  • Nature or Nurture

    Good bosses, those that engage with people, lead or manage well and achieve desired outcomes are of either sex. There are some who are a simulacrum who are also of either sex. It is also a case of understanding nature, a man may tend towards confrontation but once its over its over. A woman may tend towards compromise or coercion (a natural instinct that accounts for a greater amount of grey matter in communication sectors of the brain) but when its over, its definitely not over!

  • I don't think it matters.

    There are good male bosses and there are bad male bosses, there are also good female bosses and there are bad female bosses. An ability to communicate well and delegate responsibilities clearly and fairly is what makes a good boss, and both men and women can have these qualities, or lack them. I've worked for both good and bad women bosses and they haven't been any better or worse than the good or bad male bosses I've worked for.

  • Rather have a male boss

    I've had both good male and female bosses thought out my life but men do a better job of being level headed and consistent from day to day.

    Women are more prone to mood swings which affects their ability to make good judgments in the workplace.

    I think the difference is small but I believe it favors men slightly as to who makes a better boss.

  • Men overall make better bosses.

    A research study of a group of 3000 employees of both men and women concluded that men are better bosses. Some of the reasons given are that women can't leave their personal lives at home, are moody, hormonal and talk about their staff behind their backs. The study was conducted by

  • Dealt with Both

    Currently I report to 1 woman and 2 men. The woman has a reputation as manipulative, condescending and disrespectful. I describe her as abusive to professionally cope because she's been promoted to incompetence. The men are supportive and always give me constructive criticism as well as credit for my work.

  • Good and bad

    Some are better, some are the same, some are worse - depends on the industry and the workers too and the needs of the company. Women have changed the tone in the workforce in some industries - some for the better and some for the worse - so to me its always a mixed bag. I've heard enough women say they would rather work for men and some men being positive about some women supervisors or boses.

  • Men are better bosses

    I have always had men as my bosses, I have had only 2 women to report to ever. One of them had her emotion on her shoulders and could not complete her duties accurately and the other one had an awful personality with a power tripping mindset who was rude and tried to belittle me any chance she could, she would get mad at not enough tape on a shipping box, get a life

  • Men are leader.

    It's true that women can do multi tasks or more understand than men but there's some things that they can't do. I would like to say women better be a mastermind or to give idea because they're not strong enough to do heavy job or tasks. It's natural,men are leader,women are supporter like father and mother. Men can protect women from abuse or in danger situations. They can calm the women,women are easily panic.

  • Rather have male boss

    No. I think Women often wear their ambition on their sleeve and see a need to continually demonstrate whose boss. (Mother to child) Also while it needs to be acknowledged that detail is important, some female bosses overly disect or sweat the small stuff, or major on the minor, and make an issue bigger than it needs to be.

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