• At the moment perhaps no, but that is about to change

    The Western welfare state has given women the false impression that they can live perfectly well without men. When the economies of western nations begin to collapse like dominoes, and the government support cheques and food stamps stop rolling in, things are going to change very quickly. Furthermore, with the rise of ideologies and governments in the world that treat women as disposable objects, the men of the west will inevitably be required (asked) to fight against those rising ideologies. If, however, western men do not like western women, they are unlikely to fight to defend their societies and their women (I will reference the recent gang rape of women in Germany by refugees). This would lead to a collapse of the west. Women need a world where men are willing to fight to protect them. If this is not the case, a society is doomed to be taken over by more aggressive males from other cultures (tribes). If Western men will not rise to defend their countries, western feminists can look forward to a future in a burka and marriage at 13 years old to a 50 year old man.

  • We need balance.

    Guys, all human beings come from a man and a woman, which both sexes are required to copulate in order to make a human being. If girls don't need men, then there won't be any more new women to come afterwards, you need both sexes to have a world, duh!

  • Women don't need men to live successfully in society, but scientifically, they do.

    No, women do not need men to live a successful life.
    They are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, raising children, and earn a living without men. But for us as humans to prosper as a species and not go extinct, women do need men, for they cannot bear children without them (sadly).

  • Objective fact is objective.

    As superior as women may or may not be, for humans beings as a species to survive, we'd either need incredible amounts of mutation happening all at once, or there needs to be both women and men. Since the first is practically impossible, men need women, and women need men, in order to give birth to the next generation.

    There would also be other terrible side effects if all the men were suddenly gone, which include-

    1. Massive economic failure, as incredible panic breaks out over the loss of half the human race in one foul swoop.

    2. According to (admittedly an old statistic, but better than nothing), 78% of labour based jobs are performed by men. The most important affect? Food availability plummets. Sure, only half the population is left- but only one quarter of the farmers are left! That's double the demand for these farmers.

    3. Production and craft would also take a massive hit. Again, I'm using this same old statistic- but it states that 91% of production and craft employees are male. That leaves 1/10! 10%! That's another big hit for the food industry, and also brings back machinery a long way.

    Equality is one thing. Heck, I'm prepared to accept that men may be on average less intelligent than women, as a man myself. But both sides are necessary alright. Because without one, the world would become a nice area for the Fallout series.

  • Women need the kitchen

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  • Yes . .

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  • Yes s s

    They would not exist without us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes we need men.

    Women need men. Just as men need women. How else will the human race continue? Like women don't need men to do simple stuff like walk the dog, or drive a car but women need men in order to reproduce and keep the human race existing and stuff. Who ever says otherwise isn't thinking straight.

  • You need us to survive

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  • Why would Women need men?

    Women are capable of doing what needs to be done without males. Women carry the children, help care for the children and clean the houses by themselves. Men are just something that a woman may want but don't necessarily need. I am a woman and I can do bad all by myself. No men required.

  • Logistically, psychologically, and physiologically, no women don't need us.

    Logistically a woman can do everything themselves without the help of men (once cloning and artificial semen is finished being created). Men will eventually die out in evolution and an asexual being will emerge. All the powers of woman with nothing from the now obsolete male sex of the species.

  • Women no longer need men

    In this day and age, women are stronger, more assertive, more confident, more independent, can establish and hold careers, more financially stable, if a woman wants to have children there is artificial insemination, if a woman wants sex there are dolls and toys. If a woman wants companionship and relationships there are friends or friends with "benefits".

  • Woman dont need men

    Woman dont need men my mom raised me since i was 3 just me and her now im 15 and grown she did it on her own frfr but on top of that at the same time it was my dads fault because he was the one that left us

  • It's funny because it's mostly men saying that women need men

    All the women I've talked to are over here in the no section. We don't NEED anyone. I especially don't need someone who thinks that women depend on men to survive yet turn around and say how superior men are. Men can live without women but women can't live without men? Yeah okay sure

  • Some don't, most do.

    It'd be wrong to assure that "women don't need men" anymore. There are definitely women who are independent enough to take care of themselves (and they should, too, they're adults). The fact that there are still women who can't seem to take care of themselves is what really worries me, LOL.
    And about children, technically a "women without a man" cannot be a mother. Divorced mothers is not in the scope of this question

  • No we are totally fine without them

    Men are just people that women think we need for sexual encounters and romance. Women are superior and work harder then men in most subjects and things. We can do well without them, i believe in us. #WOMENRIGHTS2K16. We are worth it because we can do it, i am sure of it

  • No we can survive on our own

    Why would women need men? We don't need to depend on them we can depend on our selves and other supporting women. We need them in the sense that the human race can't survive without both men or women. But a women can very well survive on her own if she doesn't have a man.

  • They're independent beings

    Judging from the picture I am assuming it is from a financial standpoint. I am a man, and today's America is a modern society where anyone can break ground and make a name for myself. But women still need men in other respects just as men need women. Both genders need each other to make children and continue the human race. But I am not ragging on homosexuality though, as long as there is a stable amount of children being made, humanity should be fine.

  • No women are rude and dum

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cludwig says2016-03-22T07:49:05.140
This was not supposed to go to the Science topic area, but rather, the Sociology.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-22T19:02:04.627
One could also ask "Do men need women anymore?".
cludwig says2016-03-22T23:35:24.327
That would be a good question to ask as well. Certainly many of the MGTOWers out there would argue no.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-23T02:04:43.457
I mean, domestic jobs could in theory be filled by men. Sexual desires could be met through pornography. The only issue is procreation; until the synthetic womb is developed and egg cells can be extracted and stored through cryogenics, an all-male group could not be sustained indefinitely.
Porpoise says2016-03-26T07:11:58.187
Women need men like fish need bicycles, so there.
cludwig says2016-03-26T07:53:40.550
@Porpoise - Yawn.....
InveiglingDragon says2016-03-27T23:16:02.027
What is exactly is meant by "need?" Biologically, socially, financially?
Procrastin80r says2016-04-03T23:48:25.320
Only for reproduction. But socially and financially, women don't "need men, and men don't "need" women.
SergeantCollins says2017-04-10T07:09:21.417
Hi. I am a 34-year-old loner who has never had a girlfriend, and will most likely die alone. From having a mother who was a verbally abusive sadist who loved to explain to the world what garbage I am, and having a former best friend all the way back from high-school who constantly picked women up off the streets, damn near impregnated them that same night, and regularly demoted me to a Third-Fucking-Wheel… I don’t even like talking about sexually at all.

I am also a Muay-Thai kickboxer who worships physical training and violence, and I want to maximize my fighting skills, so that I can take on my real enemy; guys who hurt women, and guys who fucking brag to me about their fucking sexual scoreboards!!

This message is for any feminists and lesbians who have actually been hurt or attacked by men in their past:

I ask you to channel all of that hatred, desire for vengeance, and justifiable anger, and aim it at ME. I want you to talk shit to me, and explain to me why I am fucking GARBAGE. PISS ME OFF… so that I can train harder, and improve my fighting skills more quickly and efficiently. Demonize me, and treat me like the bad-guy… so that I can take on the real bad-guys. Talk me into committing suicide if you want to… I can’t even deny that I probably should. Hell, if you want, I’ll even compare your words to those of my mother, and give you tips on how to Improve your ability to talk shit. After all, your ability to talk shit is pretty much your greatest weapon, and you need to make sure that ability is razor-sharp, and ready for use at any given time.

So if you want to tell a man how little he means to the world, then fucking DO IT… TALK SHIT TO ME!!

(Maniacal Hyena-like laughter)