Do women prefer male leaders in government and male bosses in the workplace?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • I think they do.

    Women like submitting to men and so they feel more comfortable with male leaders in government and with male bosses ordering them around in work. If not for purely submissive reasons, Then it's also because men are less catty. I've read personal accounts by women on the internet saying that whenever they have a female boss in the workplace, There's drama and negative gossip. Men, From these women's perspective know what they want, Don't waste time over petty drama, And run efficient businesses/work environments. As for government, They want big, Strong, Male leaders in government because leaders of other governments take big, Strong, Male leaders more seriously. Men convey power. Women, Not so much, Though they CAN wield power and authority effectively and responsibly. But other male leaders don't care. They see female leaders as weak. And so do women because they know their own weaknesses. They want a strong man in charge.

  • As a woman, No

    I can guarantee you, Most women do not care about the gender of their boss, As long as they are competent. In a workplace environment, Your gender doesn't affect your ability to do work, Nor do the genders of your colleagues and superiors. The idea that women like to or need to submit to men is outdated, Gross and sexist.

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