Do women secretly wish that men never existed?

Asked by: ggez52
  • @all the people that can't understand what a hypothetical is

    Saying "men never existed" means that we would be a female-only species. Which. . . . Exist. Like the racerunner genus of lizards. Https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Desert_grassland_whiptail_lizard#Hybridization_and_reproduction

    So the "we need men to reproduce" argument is out.

    As for "men are stronger". . . . You do realize that is a rather decent anomily in most species? Mammals are the outlier, In most other groups of animals the females run larger, And even then some mammallian species have more powerful females, Such as the hyena. If men 100% never existed from the beginning, We would have evolved to be generally stronger and faster.

  • They would be free

    If men never existed, Women would have all the freedom in the world. They would have no fear of rape, , No sexual harassment, No gender discrimination, They could easily walk the streets at night etc. Life would be a lot easier for them. In recent times, It's pretty evident from the widespread support of feminism and the way feminists act that they would rather want all men be dead.

  • I hate men

    Men are un needed except for reproduction and sexual pleasures if women could reproduce with each other the earth would be a much better place with no war and people could talk respectively without arguments. This part is just so that i have enough words for me to post this

  • Most definitely would be a better world

    Males invented porn and rape and murder they invented nukes and therefore nuclear waste. They never invented cleaning it up though. . . They did however continue down that road of the same old thing with their gross old gas enginees and the plastic they created. Omg could i imagine living in a world where there was no pollution? It would be amazing. It would be a clean and pure Earth. Womxxn already invented time and calendars. We are the ones who made music and art so no need for worries in that department. We also created the first fire and clothing and medicine and doctors and education. . . We are the ones who created the cures and the computers. Were the ones who sent you males to the moon. We can do anything and we could have done more if we werent held back. Look at us. Males had hundreds of years of education. . . Us womxxn maybe 50 years if were lucky? Amd were already smarter. And we already know whose really stronger. Us womxxn can with stand a virus bc our bodies were made better to with stand them. We have the stronger bodies. We can make people. All males can do is kill them

  • There are a lot of women

    It would only take two women to constitute a plurality, And wishes are not especially beholden to anything, As far as human thoughts go (which is why genies are able to be such pricks). Therefore I am almost certain that women, Somewhere, Do wish this.

    As for the merits of the wish, I don't think it is very reasonable in itself. Binaries are fairly common in nature, And especially common in our reasoning. I'm not proud of the history of men and women, But I think that unless they stopped evolving and developed some kind of utopian system of governance, Women by themselves would quickly find a way to print some Stars Upon Thars.

  • Not always, But sometimes

    I cannot speak for the experiences of all women, But I can speak for mine. Yes, I have found myself dreaming about a world where there are no men, Though that dreaming is more in a realm of fantasy than anything else. This possibility isn’t to be afraid of, As I’m assuming that most who have occasionally wished this like myself also fully know that it will never happen and never would genuinely want it to happen.

  • Not very secretly

    I cannot speak for all women, But I think it is very common for women to wish we didn't have/need men. Men are often rude and inconsiderate of the women who birthed them and cook their meals and raise their children and sexually fulfill them. Without men, Women would barely have to worry about rape, War, And violence, Because women are not as prone to these behaviors.

  • I am a man and sometimes i wish men did not exist

    Well i'm sort of male although i enjoy wearing my wifes clothing and a girdle and hanging around in bars picking up guys, Who i hate, Me n suck i fee lbad for the galls they get raped and beaten and abused, Thats why lesbians invented sperm banks, Who can blame them?

  • No, What a silly question. . Was this written by a feminist?

    Men are great, Women are generally not as physically strong as men and like to have a cool protective awesome husband with a quirky sense of humor. The things a woman lacks in is what a man can provide and vice versa, Men and women are made for each other and one would be incomplete without the other. Well that's how I feel anyway.

  • No, That is just stupid.

    "They would be free"
    No evidence.

    "If men never existed, Women would have all the freedom in the world. " They would be dead, Dumbass.

    "They would have no fear of rape, "
    1 in 52* Not 1 in 5.

    "No sexual harassment, "
    No evidence.

    "No gender discrimination, "
    Women already have right, Dumbass.

    "They could easily walk the streets at night etc. "
    Men are more likely to be victim of crime than women.

    "Life would be a lot easier for them. "
    Not really.

    "In recent times, It's pretty evident from the widespread support of feminism" Feminism is NOT about equality. And, I won't surprise that you are a feminist yourself.

    "We would have evolved to be generally stronger and faster. "
    Not really. Since, Men on average are more stronger and faster than women. So, Meaning that there is no evidence to support your claim.

    "Like the racerunner genus of lizards. "
    Cherry picking, Much? Also, A wiki page can be edited by anyone.

    "So the "we need men to reproduce" argument is out. "
    Are you retarded? We DO need men to reproduce, Retard. Don't you know what sex is? Also, Don't cherry pick examples.

    "As for "men are stronger". . . . You do realize that is a rather decent anomily in most species? " Actually, Men have 50% upper body strength than women, Fucking moron.

    "If men 100% never existed from the beginning, We would have evolved to be generally stronger and faster. " If men never existed, Then we would die off soon. Also, If women run society, We would be living in grass hut. Also, Men on average are more stronger and faster than women. So, Meaning that there is no evidence to support your claim.

  • No, This is ridiculous

    As an ordinary, Normal, Slightly-left-of-center female, This is completely ridiculous. Men are ordinary people who, Like all people, Can be annoying or do bad things. However, The actions of a small fraction of men (or women), For example, Rapists, Should not condemn their entire gender. Why would anyone want to get rid of men other than insane radical feminists? Men and women are both necessary for a well-adjusted society. Men are people. Women are people. Neither should be eliminated because of their gender.

  • The state of feminism

    Isn't it nice when female supremacists are no longer hiding behind the labels of feminism and equality? Now you can truly see what feminism in 21st century is - merely a movement of misandrists and female supremacists who wish to genocide the male population. Murderous totalitarianism in a skirt, Nothing else.

  • Why is this even a thing

    As a woman, I can say that men are needed, And it wouldn’t make sense to get rid of them. Without them, The population would die out, And they do a lot of the jobs we don’t want to do. Yes, They can be annoying, But so can we. Besides, Loads of men are better than woman anyway

  • Absolutely not!

    Do women wish that Men never existed? Absolutely not! Do disgusting feminists wish that Men never existed? It certain looks that way!

    As (patriarchal) woman, I wholly adore Men and live to serve them. There's nothing more pleasing than bringing joy to Men in whatever way they may desire. They have built and crafted the environments and societies we live in, And I am completely thankful for all of that.

    So, Of course, I am very glad that Men exist! I would never even dare wish for such a horrible thing like Men never existing! I wish feminists, Misandrists and matriarchal scum didn't exist. I wish love and happiness to all Men out there!

  • Of course not

    If the women don't want men
    then women not get pregante
    if women not get pregante
    women not give birth
    if women not give birth
    then women die extinction
    use brain retard
    one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen and

  • That's really stupid

    Boys and girls are needed to reproduce. Its all or none and I believe that most women realize that. I hope that the other one is trolling. In fact 1 in 3 rapes are bye women so its not just boys doing it. Also sexual harassment rarely happens as well. Also if got thanos snapped out of existence then 85. 5% of the us military would stop existing and 75% of the us senate would disappear as well.

  • Are you a troll, Or were you dropped on your head?

    I agree that maybe some women believe that men shouldn't exist, But your arguments about why you believe they shouldn't is BS. First of all, Women would not be able to reproduce, Since both genders are required for reproduction. But, If you want to imagine a world where males are not needed for reproduction, And how it would be better off, We shall. We'll also pretend that women do not crave men for sexual pleasure in this fantasy world, Even though over 90% of all females are straight. Not that what I'm about to say is not sexism, But is merely biology. Men are far physically stronger and faster than women, As well as being more aggressive. This is caused by a generally larger frame, More muscle mass, And far higher amounts of testosterone. Now, That's not every man is stronger than every woman. If a woman works out regularly and weightlifts, She'll likely be stronger than a skinny-fat guy who's never touched a barbell or pull-up bar in his life. However, On average, Males are stronger and faster than females. This would give them an advantage in defending their families as well as gathering food for them. If only females existed, They would struggle as a whole with completing tasks that require physical strength, Agility, Speed, And a level of aggression. The streets would not be clean or safe because there would be little to no urbanization and no streets. Considering humanity sprung up in Africa, And with the abundance of predators, We'd be wiped out fast. Basically, It should just be common sense that humanity could not exist without men. But, Oh, I'm sure that's not what you were thinking. You're imagining a world where men just magically disappear in the modern age, And women are all that's left, And women can magically reproduce amongst themselves. Even with modern technology, Women would still struggle to complete tasks without the support of men. You want to know why men make more money than women? It's not because there is a gender pay gap, But rather because women do avoid quite a few areas of work that men are willing to do. These are generally hard labor jobs that would be too harsh on women's bodies, Which are important to our functioning societies. Without men to do a lot of the heavy lifting, Humanity would be fucked. Now, That's not to say that women don't have a lot of abilities men do, And are capable of things men are not. I'm also not saying women don't deserve equal treatment. I'm just saying that men are needed for our society to function and even for the survival of the human race. Both genders are two sides of the same coin, And require one another to survive. Men and women have differences, And we need to accept one another as different but equal. Sexual assault is a problem, But not at all a viable argument for why men should be gone entirely.

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