• Yes, Because Women Are More Empathetic and Better Listeners

    Yes, women senators mean better laws will be crafted because women are more empathetic and better listeners. Women are also psychologically known to be better at multi-tasking, and crafting a law requires considering many different facets of an issue. While men are certainly capable of legislation, I think women are better at it for these reasons.

  • No, gender isn't a factor

    As a woman, I don't think that more women senators means better laws. Honestly, it comes down to who is best for the job. That's who the people should elect despite gender, race, preference, etc. The real people needed for the position are smart, idealistic, patriotic, can compromise, and also stay true to the issues they promised. That does not have to be either male or female.

  • Gender has nothing to do with decision making

    Just because a senator is a woman, doesn't mean they'll write fairer laws in. What ultimately drives senators is their own personal agenda, which is usually dictated by their up bringing and the groups they're affiliated with. Just because a senator is a woman, doesn't mean they're any less prone to being bribed or making bad uninformed decisions.

  • No, gender is irrelevant.

    Women senators do not automatically equal better laws. Gender is a non issue. What would equal better laws for the American people is better senators in general. A woman can do a lousy job just as easily as a man can. The gender of the senator doesn't matter, what matters is the senator's work ethic.

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