• Women like to defer to men whether they know it or not.

    Today, I was ordering a female classmate to do things a certain way. My tone was firm, Confident, And assertive. She took my suggestions, Listened to my commands, And frequently asked my opinion, Seeking approval. She did not object when I took charge most of the assignment. Women are not doormats, But they would rather submit to our self imposed authority than work with a male who is complacent.

  • Straight people are f***ing weird

    Man, I'm tired of this bullshit. Tell this to a hardcore lesbian and she'd KO you in an instant. The times are changing and women are finally realizing that they have their own talents and should take charge. Also the thing Batmangeek75 is talking about is normal classmate stuff if you switch the genders we wouldn't be debating this stuff.

  • Gender does not define personality.

    While it is true that some women will act more submissive this is not instinctual by nature rather a taught behaviour since birth. However many women are not submissive to men and furthermore many men are submissive to women. It can go either way and it's simply a charets trait not a reflection on the superiority of a certain gender.

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