Do working mothers have more advantages than stay-at-home moms?

  • Today's society supports the working mother.

    Working mothers enjoy the advantage of working on their careers along with spending quality time with family. The power of today's technology allows the working mother to work from virtually anywhere. This includes working from home where they can spend quality time with their family while they work. The information era affords working mothers this advantage.

  • No, both options have different advantages.

    Both working and staying at home are legitimate, rewarding options for a mother. The two choices both have distinct advantages, but neither has more advantages than the other. Working mothers get to have a career and show their children women can work while stay-at-home moms get to spend more time with their children, it is just a matter of which choice best suits each person's situation.

  • No, working mothers do not have more advantages than stay-at-home moms.

    Working mothers do not have more advantages than stay-at-home moms. Conversely, stay-at-home moms do not have more advantages than working moms. The fact is that working moms enjoy different types of advantages that are not experienced by their stay-at-home counterparts, and vice versa. In addition, each category of mom faces a unique set of disadvantages as well.

  • No, a working mother has more burdens than a stay-at-home mom.

    No, working mothers do not have more advantages than stay-at-home moms because a working mother must juggle a professional workload and the needs of a family. A stay-at-home mother has adequate time to run errands, cook, clean and oversee the education of her children. A working mother must cram all of those activities into her few off hours, or pay someone else to handle those tasks.

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