• Definitely provides incentives

    Some people do not like competition and gain nothing from it, but others thrive on the competition of an event, even if there is no other reward. Having voluntary writing contests ultimately could lead to kids being more interested in writing, which would help them learn to write a lot faster.

  • Writing competitions help encourage children to learn to write

    Allowing children to compete in writing competitions encourages children to learn how to write and write well. Writing competitions give the children something to strive for to learn how to do the best they can so they can be number one and win. Allowing the children to compete in compete will also help them to develop confidence to become the best writers they can be .

  • Yes they do

    Yes, a writing competition will make a person write the best essay that they can so that they can win. I think that these are really good for kids and make there writing skills a whole lot better, while letting them have a little fun and make them win things.

  • Writing competitions do help students learn to write

    As a teacher myself, I strongly believe that writing competitions do help students learn how to write. A majority of students want to outdo their classmates, and they also have an urge to be the best in something. With that in mind, when they are engaged in competition, they actually want to learn how to write better.

  • It says 'Competition' in the word!

    Writing Competitions have nothing to be gained from. It is simply a contest to see where one rank among other following peers and students. Where one ranks may give them a push to learn how to write better, but one does not learn how to write better. Therefore, Writing Contests are for pure ranking or for fun but not for learning.

    With or without rewards, one mainly enters these contests for two reasons.
    A) For fun
    B) To outdo their classmates and see how well they have performed

    This is not real learning and just a ranking test. When in a competition, one may actually WANT to write better but competitions do not help the students achieve that; they only help in giving the students a decision to do better.

  • Writing Competitions Do Not Help Students Write

    It's a competition! Only the best are rewarded. If you are weak in writing, you know for sure, however much you try, you can never get there. It is only good for those few in the pool of good writing to compete amongst themselves. But for the strugglers, and those really needing help to improve writing skills, it is more of a demotivation.

  • Writing Competitions Do Not Help Students Write

    Writing competitions are a nice feather in the cap for students who already right well. However I do not think they improve the writing skills of the vast majority of students. These competitions are not a bad thing, but they do not do much if anything for the overall writing ability fot he student body.

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