• Yes just because

    Bts don't copy other artists, And they have their own choreography, And write their own songs. They have always stayed true to who they are and haven't changed since debut. They always think about their fans before anyone or anything else, And they are the most humble famous group of people ever, So ive you don't like bts yous are sick in the head, STOOPIDDDDD X O X O X O

  • Yes just because

    Bts don't rely on auto tune, Also their choreography that is absolutely y, They also care so much about their fans and they always put them first, They are very down to earth, And no matter how big they get as a group they never change who they are, They also always show their true selves to everyone and don't hide who they are, THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD LIKE BTS PEOPLE, PERIOD.

  • Of course I do!

    I'm the one who made this post after all. . . I love BTS! ARMY for life! I love to listen to their music especially 'Fake Love' Dunno what else to say, So. . . . . Ghfiufueweuwaoiiofiurhyuegifh ghruieghu y4ureyfuief heuhf ehfjehf hefuehfef hfeufehf ehihi h4uif g g e g t q y s f a

  • No no no

    BTS is basiclly a barbecue tuna sandwhich. Their songs are horrible because they BARLEY HAVE HORRIBLE VOICES! THEY DON"T SHOWER EITHER! (heehee) my sister likes BTS but they are basically a smelly little rat brats that pretend there so handsome, And they do kissy kissy oo i like to sing, BUT THEY ACTUALLY ARE BIG< FAT< BARBECUE TUNA SANDWHICH BRAT SMASH BOOM!

  • The singers, And the fans.

    Pure garbage. They rely on synthesizers or some techno garbage instead of learning out to play drums or a bass guitar. They aren't talented. Their fans are a cesspool of cancer and need to go extinct. If only System of a Down will finally release a new album, Maybe these idiots will realize what good music is.

  • No I care for my sanity

    This is targeted to a specific target audience. One that like boys with very specific features and a type of music.
    As such I am immune to its brainwashing and can resist it. I am afraid of the army of tweens and teens that listen to this music and I dare not say I dislike them.

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