• Of course I do!

    I'm the one who made this post after all. . . I love BTS! ARMY for life! I love to listen to their music especially 'Fake Love' Dunno what else to say, So. . . . . Ghfiufueweuwaoiiofiurhyuegifh ghruieghu y4ureyfuief heuhf ehfjehf hefuehfef hfeufehf ehihi h4uif g g e g t q y s f a

  • No I care for my sanity

    This is targeted to a specific target audience. One that like boys with very specific features and a type of music.
    As such I am immune to its brainwashing and can resist it. I am afraid of the army of tweens and teens that listen to this music and I dare not say I dislike them.

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