• As a great man once said:

    The good thing about science is it's true whether or not you believe it.

    We have mountains of evidence to defend evolution. And no matter how thorough the scrutiny, nor how intense the glare from opponents behind their magnifying glasses, no one can provide real evidence that negates the theory of evolution, only further evidence to support it.

  • I accept the mountain of evidence

    There is almost literally a mountain of evidence supporting current evolutionary theory. From the fossil record, ancestral DNA, common retro viral DNA to observed development of new functionality in different species of micro organisms, every scrap if information we collect continues to support Evolution as the most valid explanation of the diversity of life on this planet.

  • Science Can Be a Religion.

    Yes, I do. Even though I have a religion, I still like to take many things into consideration. Now, does that mean that Evolution is true? Not necessarily, because it's the "Theory" of Evolution. I remember my Biology teacher telling us: "Science never fully proves anything, but does quite a lot to support the idea." This is how I feel, even though I think that it has proved millions of things to us. I'm merely saying that I support and believe in the Theory.

  • I can't think of evolution as anything but true.

    The only reason to deny the amount of scientific evidence that evolution has is a deep mistrust of science or a desperately clinging to myth. Being that i am a science major and perform experiments every week i don't have that mistrust. And being that i view myths as just wishful fairy tales i have no reason to cling to them.

  • The physical evidence and deductive reasoning that affirms the existence of ongoing physical evolution, are undeniable!

    The fossil record that details the evolution of species, is massive and undeniable. It's important to understand that evolution is not something you "believe in," It's a reality that either you accept or you don't. You don't believe your house exists, But you can accept the reality that it does!

  • That whole mountain of evidence your talking about? Its flawed

    What about the missing links? What about the problems with all your dating methods. I don't want to upset with you. I'm just I guy with an open mind and I would love to debate this with you...On a challenge TrustmeImlying I will challenge you in two weeks time get any evidence you may need and I will get evidence for the opposite side. The debate specifics can be whatever you want them to be. Just give me to weeks because im almost on Christmas break and I wont have time to debate till then

  • From the Goo to the Zoo to You?!

    "Not one change of species into another is on record . . We cannot prove that a single species has been changed." –*Charles Darwin, My Life and Letters.

    Name a change of one species to another species that is observable evidence? It doesn't exist. Micro-evolution exists but macro-evolution is JUST A THEORY THAT PEOPLE TAKE ON BLIND FAITH from text books.

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