Do you actively buy products because of the brand name

Asked by: BappleMan
  • I'd rather not buying it than force myself to buy something fake/not original.

    Purchasing branded stuff always be my self-satisfaction because that's all i want. I prefer the quality, the long-lasting brand which is already famous and most of people know it because the quality is good. For example, i once bought a non-brand watch looked like Daniel Wellington watch but the price is very cheap compared to DW watch, only about $15. I thought it would work as well but sooner it broke. The time didn't match the real time either it delayed or overtime. Buying stuff which already has a popular brand also gives me comfort because i already know the condition and the quality of it so I don't have to be worry. If we take a bath, what would you choose, non-brand soap you don't know the quality about or a soap with popular band like Dove etc? I believe you will choose the one with the brand because you don't want yourself to be itchy or something with the non-brand soap you know nothing about.

  • I nearly always purchase things that have a well known brand name

    Purchasing things with a well known brand name makes me think that they will be better quality e.G Nike trainers , other people claim that purchasing things that are cheap e.G a £15 pair of unbranded trainers with 75% off don't make them feel like they've got such a good product as purchasing a £20 pair of Nike trainers

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