• Greedy older bosses abusing younger workers

    No, The fault lies with excessive greed from older generations and bosses Greedy unrealistic lazy older bosses and tech replacements No job security for millennial workers, Global wide competition, Tech automation replacing good paying jobs. In office corporate worlds, Excessively greedy old rich fat-cat bosses with too high expectations on their employees, Creating extreme work pressure with unpaid overtime and very high staff turnover rate all for pursuit of $$ for their own selfish greed, While abusing low-paying internship and offshoring consultancy. Plus middle east wars still ongoing due to all the excessive greed and hatred still flaming wars and conflicts all over the world. Us millennial workers have put in all the extra efforts with unpaid overtime in weekends and late shifts, But we STILL get fired or laid off due to company restructuring or whatever lame excuses the greedier bosses will come up with.

  • People Need Work

    People need food and shelter. For this they need to work. To work you need some measure of experience/schooling/skills. You need to start somewhere.

    Also, Old folks need to roll over and die before they have the chance to "save more for retirement. " What they're really doing is denying young people the opportunity to acquire the things they need for work, Just because the old people decided to spend themselves into oblivion. In today's job market, You need to be living in the rural part of a country with zero immigration and have a Ph. D. And perfect genes and a reference letter from Winston Churchill revealing the ninth Secret of Fatima just to be considered for a the job pictured above at less than minimum wage and no benefits only to be replaced by a robot 2 weeks later ("You lazy f'ing Millenials whom we sold to satan for a loaf of stale bread and cheap sex").

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