• Yes, I do, But. . .

    As long as they don't teach people how to be gay, Then yes. Gays are an abomination of the human race. There should be a gay massacre. Niggers should rape them, Beat them, And slice them apart. I like niggers! Niggers use their brains, And get PHDs in college! Penis.

  • I think at some point of our education, We should learn about sex.

    I know some cases where a young couple got pregnant too soon, Because they didn't know how to use protection. And I don't think that at the age of 15/16 you can be ready to become a mother/father, You have your whole life to live. It might not stop and help everyone, But letting them know, That sex is also kind of responsibility.

  • Abstinence dosen't work

    You might as well teach it because some teenagers are going to have sex regardless. Teaching sex ed prevents STDs. Parents shouldn't have to explain that to their kids, That would just make everyone super uncomfortable. If parents don't want their kids to learn sex ed (which is usually a bad idea), Then they can just let their kid skip school that day.

  • Sex Education Matters

    I believe in having sex education in schools because of the importance of it. Even if you don't want your kid to know about it, They should still learn about safe sex and STD's. Sex education in my school even taught us about healthy relationships and how to see unhealthy ones as well as getting out of one or helping a friend with one. To me unwanted pregnancy, STD's, And healthy vs unhealthy relationships makes it worthy to have this education in schools. Worst comes to worst and you don't want your student learning it, They send home a paper for you to sign if you don't want your child to participate in it.

  • Not in school

    It needs to be taught by parents. People will say that parents just aren't teaching ti so it is better for their kids to learn it, But what of those that are? Parents should have control over their children's education and this is an area where that is especially true.

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