• In theory, yes

    At its core, Islam is a religion of peace. It teaches its followers to treat others fairly and, for the most part, its followers follow that idea. Regarding some of the more questionable verses in the Quran, lots of religions have questionable content (see the Old testament of the bible), so arguing that those verses reflect the entire religion is ridiculous. Yes, there are groups like ISIS and Saudi Arabia that follow those particualr verses, but the majority most likely do not.

  • No it's not.

    In fact all Abrahamic religions are violent and not peaceful. Islam is quite among the least peaceful ones. Check out this video:

    If there were any peaceful religions, they'd be Jainism and Buddhism. Both strongly hold non-violence as a central concept.

    There had never been a holy war fought in the name of Buddhism, for example. Buddhism even slowly ''merged'' with other religions like Taoism over time.

  • Oh Hell no!

    Islam being a religion of peace? Where in the regions of today where Islam is the most dominant, where women are forced to wear the hijab, and gays are persecuted, What about these verses?
    Gays should be Stoned
    Quran 7:80—84

    If 2 Men are Guilty of Lewdness
    Punish Them Both
    Quran 4:16 .

    If a man who is not married is
    seized committed sodomy,
    he will be stone to death. ‘,
    Abu Dawud 44:48 Do these show peace? Any rights for anyone? Islam is a vile, cruel, inhumane religion that is incapable with co-existing with Western civilization, unless there will be another group of crusades!

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