• My children are.

    My children are ruder than I was growing up. My children say things to me that I never would have considered saying to my parents because I was afraid of being slapped in the face. My children do not have that fear. They know that, regardless of what they say, they are going to be loved unconditionally. Although many would consider my children disrespectful at times, I happen to love their candor. Along with that rudeness is also genuine happiness and affection. Although I may have been a polite child at all times, those genuine feelings of bliss were also masked in my childhood. Personally, I prefer the real.

  • Today's kids are out of control.

    Today’s children are definitely ruder than they were 20 years
    ago. Perhaps it is because there are so
    many teenagers having children nowadays.
    The large number of single parent households has also contributed to
    kids being rude in my opinion. In the
    past, parents were more likely to physically discipline their children, which
    helped to make the kids behave. Now we
    have spared the rod and spoiled the children.

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