• Yes, I believe a baby born with a defect deserves to live.

    I do not think that a baby that is born with a defect has any less of a right than a healthy baby to live. The only time I do think that a baby born with a defect should be considered without such a right is if the birth of said baby risks the life of the mother.

  • Yes, I think everyone deserves to live

    With the advances in science that we are making due to technology, I think birth defects can be corrected. If not immediately, then they will be eventually. On top of that, I think everyone deserves a chance to live their life, no matter the circumstances that they were brought into this world with.

  • Yes, everyone deserves a chance at life.

    Everyone deserves a chance at life, and someone with a physical disability can lead a very full and meaningful life. Some defects can be resolved, but even if they can't, this baby will grow up to be a wonderful member of society. The opposite of this type of believe is called eugenics, and it is similar to how Hitler believed people with disabilities should be treated. It's a slippery slope to start adopting this sort of mindset.

  • Yes I do

    I do agree that a baby born with a physical defect deserves to live. They have just the same amount of right to live as a baby that is not born with a physical defect. With the advances in technology, you can assume in the future that the defect could be fixed.

  • No it does not

    No, If a baby is born with a defect that is going to make it have trouble in life doing day to day tasks, adn especially if it has a brain defect, then it does not deserve to live. I think that we only need the strongest and most fit.

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