Do you agree that Aaron Rodgers is still the best quarterback in the NFL?

  • Yes, Aaron Rodgers has set many records and remains an athlete with an outstanding athletic profile

    Yes, Aaron Rodgers is still the best quarterback in the NFL. He led the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl victory in 2010. He was named MVP. Rodgers has the best passer rating in all the NFL. His performance stats are excellent for interception and touchdown. His credentials extend beyond the NFL. In 2015, Rogers was named as quarterback for the All-Pro team. Furthermore, he is involved in many charitable events and is a strong supporter of many humanitarian initiatives. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

  • It is all subjective.

    I don't really think you can just single one person out as the best in the game. When it comes to competitive sports there are lots of factors that come into a person's being considered the greatest. Most of all that greatness is defined by how well they work with a team because at the end of the day it is a team sport. There is never a clear cut criteria for the greatest. It is always changing.

  • How do you really know?

    It's true that he is an exceptional player, however games vary so much that it is hard to know just who is the best. There's a lot of other players that do well and sometimes luck plays a large part in just how well a player does in a certain game. Therefore the circumstances of each game and the performance of team mates play a large part in an individuals success.

  • Aaron Rodgers compared with Cam Newton

    Green Bay Packers played against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. Aaron Rodgers verus Cam Newton became a nail bitter from time to time. However, I found Aaron Rodgers rather annoying on the field. He seemed whiny at times when fouls were missed for the Green Bay Packers, whereas the same amount were missed for the Panthers, in my opinion. Furthermore, due to the Panthers 8-0 winning streak and the Packers 6-2, I would say that Cam Newton is having much more success, even with his mistakes, than Aaron Rodgers.

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