Do you agree that all taxpayers should foot the bill for "free" college education?

  • Taxpayers should foot the bill to provide free college tuition

    Taxpayers should fund free college tuition at public colleges and universities. This is how we fund education through high school, since it is deemed important that everyone have the opportunity to obtain this amount of schooling. A college degree has become equally important as we move to a more informational age.

  • College Dropout Problem

    If people pay for free college this is gonna get people that are not complete invest in the college going and finding out its not for them more often. Verse through that are preparing to go leaning toward more things that will commit them in going such as loans that they will have to pay back and more likely to graduate.

  • No, all taxpayers should not foot the bill for "free" college education.

    I find it ridiculous to suggest that all taxpayers should be forced to contribute to "free" college education. So the typical "John Doe" who is working hard and making just enough to get by should, in addition to paying the government income tax, also have to fork over more for someone's education? Most likely "John Doe" was not even able to afford a college education for himself. I think not.

  • Students will not be behaved if education is free.

    Students will not be behaved if education is free. As much as I would love people to be free of student loans and high tuition bills, the truth is that young people will be more unruly if they don't have "skin in the game" financially. In addition, a free education will attract students who are traditionally unruly in the classroom -- people who were not really preparing to go to college but are doing so because it's free.

  • You get what you pay for

    If the government hands out free education, people will not appreciate it. The people who work at colleges will just demand higher and higher salaries because they know that the government will pay for it. People need to pay something for their college education in order to invest in it and appreciate what they are doing. They'll work harder if they pay for it themselves.

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