• Yes, America is still a land of opportunity

    Yes, compared to third-world countries, America is a land of opportunity. While it may seem like there are a lack of opportunities, there still exists great potential for success. Today, manual laborers in countries such as India, China, and Bangladesh can only make a pittance when compared with American wages. These same workers could, with formal training as a skilled tradesman, make significantly higher wages in America. While there are still huge problems with income inequality and lack of work in America, it is still a land of opportunity for those who can immigrate.

  • yes i do

    Yes, I do think that it is still the land of opportunity, and that if you come to this country then you will have more opportunities that you will be able to find any where in the world today, and that we are the best country that is here today.

  • Yes, I think America is still a land of opportunity today.

    I think that the American Dream is still alive today and anyone who is ambitious enough can achieve it if they put their mind to it, In America anyone can provide for themselves and their families if they have the willpower to go out and do the work required to achieve it.

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  • Who You Know and Red Tape

    With so many bureaus, committees, boards, and associations accompanying the ever-growing problems of nepotism in our country, the United States of America has now become a land of very limited opportunities. While it is true that anyone who wants to start a business can, they must first go through an enormously confusing and taxing (literally process of licensing, surveying, certifications, and so on. While many of these are necessary, the time and money they take from the entrepreneur is often so great, the jobs potentially created by the new business are scarce. If the United States could more efficiently implement OSHA and FCC standards by balancing them with tax breaks or financial stimulus packages intermittently, then opportunities for Americans to get better, more stable, and even advance in their jobs would regain momentum as well as the American Dream of starting with nothing in creating a business and building it into a major success that benefits the community and country. Those things are, presently, too limited by legalities that are superfluously expensive and unpunished nepotism in work environments that are supposed to have equal opportunity (that is done away with when preference is given to relatives, period).

  • Opportunity to fail

    There is a massive, third-world level class gap in the United States of America and an overwhelming amount of power placed on a select few rich that qualifies less as the land of opportunity that America so claims itself to be and more in line with the oligarchies of Russia.

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