• Any job, within reason

    I would say that any job, within reason, is better than no job. I have just accepted a job that I would not really have wanted to do, but it is ten minutes walk away, only 2 days a week but pays me the same as 5 days on 6 hours a day in something else. It is a tiring job, but I'll get 5 days off per week to recover. If it means I can save hard and pay a chunk of my mortgage off then so be it! I am hoping to combine this job with a professional MA which will hopefully get me into a better paid role in a few years. I definitely think the self-esteem one gets from holding down a job and being financially independent is worth something. For all the challenges of being in a job that maybe wasn't one's first choice, being independent is a good trade off.

  • Any Job Is Better Than Nothing

    In my opinion, it is definitely better to work anywhere than to not work at all. For example, although many people think of sanitation / trash workers as being low class and too dirty, it is still a job that pays money. When a person is unemployed, he or she is literally feeding off the rest of the country. A person needs to work unless he or she is disabled in some way.

  • Yes, this has become the middle class mantra.

    Yes, I agree that any job is better than no job. The world is a much different place than it was before the recent recession. The good paying jobs for unskilled or semi-skilled blue collar workers have either left the country or have been given to younger workers at a much lower pay rate. If you have a family and don't want to live in your car, then you are willing to take any job you can get and are happy to get one.

  • You'll get stuck

    The only case where you should take a crappy stop-gap job is if it is part-time or weekend-working.
    When you take a crappy full-time job it ceases your job search for two main reasons.
    1. Having to do mindless menial tasks all day, Possibly under the rule of some wannabe Hitler manager, Totally destroys your confidence.
    2. How many factory or store managers will let you keep taking time off to go to interviews for jobs that you really want?

  • No, definitely not.

    Sure, any job gets you money, but if you are stuck in a dead end job that you hate, it is very bad for you. It hurts your mental state and drags you down, in the end making your life worse. While this may be okay as a temporary solution, long term it is very damaging.

  • There are harmful jobs which would not be better than "no job".

    Any job is not better than no job. There may be many jobs which could fit that category, say, working minimum wage in a job that you hate. That might be better than no job. At least you are keeping up with your responsibilities and earning some money, which is better than doing nothing.

    Even then these jobs which get you stuck could be worse than no job. With these jobs, you become complacent and stuck, never looking for anything better. Additionally, there are some jobs which are positively toxic environments, where workers are constantly demeaned and trodden down upon. These are definitely cases where any job is not better than no job.

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