Do you agree that Bradley Wiggins is Britain's best?

  • Bradley Wiggins is Britain's best.

    Bradley Wiggins is Britain's best. I believe this because it seems that he excels in anything that he sets out to do. He seems to be the best at cycling. There have been other greats to come out of Britain that can be compared to him but for the time being he is the best that we have seen at cycling.

  • Yes,Bradley Wiggins is Britain's best.

    I believe that Bradley Wiggins is Britain's best. One of the reasons is because he is a pro at both types of professional cycling, road and track race cycling. This makes him very distinct because very few cyclists perform well in both types of professional cycling. Winning the 2012 Tour de France is further evidence of his greatness.

  • Yes, he is the best at what he does.

    Yes, I agree that Bradley Wiggins is Britain's best, when it comes to cycling. Wiggins is the most successful at what he does, which is cycling. He's not the most successful athlete of all time, because there are many world-class athletes in Britain. But he has had a great deal of success in the field of cycling, and he should be celebrated among the British people.

  • There are many good athletes.

    No, I do not agree that Bradley Wiggins is the best in Britain, because it is too hard to compare athletes without any specific definition about what makes them the best. Being the best means a lot of different things. Britain has so many talented athletes, the best you can say is that any one of them is among the best. I would say that Bradley Wiggins is among Britain's best.

  • Mark Cavendish Pretty Good

    Two modern British cyclists are competing for the title of Britain's best. Bradley Wiggins has won a lot of medals and a Tour de France title. However, Mark Cavendish is also pretty good and is considered one of the best sprinters in the world today. British cyclists don't have a lot of history to go on, but the recent push for the 2012 Summer Olympics has created a new athletic elite in the United Kingdom.

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