Do you agree that capital punishment protects the public and discourages crime?

  • It would get rid of most of the crime rate in large cities

    If we use the death penalty more often then we wouldn't have to be afraid to step out of our homes everyday and worry about being shot or raped or robbed. We could get rid of most the crime rate in large cities! It would keep us citizens safer in the cities.

  • Yes, I think it is safer for everyone.

    Anybody has the option to kill somebody. This person is playing with GOD, and it is not good. There are people who have psychological mental problems that never they come to change, and although people send them to jail and they spend 50 years inside there, they will still feel the need to kill, because if he did one time, he will do it again.

  • capital punishment can protect the public

    There are so many criminal after release doing some bad things again. Few people actually changed themselves because the society discriminates them for their crime record. Most of them have seldom self-restriction. After meeting frustrations, it may be hard to control themselves and hurt public again. Capital punishment does help.

  • I think that capital punishment, if nothing else, rids the world of violent psychopaths.

    I don't agree with people who say that it doesn't deter criminals. The problem with such "scientific" studies is the lack of control groups, meaning those of us who haven't committed capital crimes. The threat of capital punishment would be a deterrent to a large number of us. Without that deterrent, I'm sure there would be more violence and crime.

    Posted by: AutomaticKenny
  • I do feel that capital punishment protects the public and discourages crime by demonstrating a very clear and severe response to serious crimes.

    With so many repeat offenders currently in prison, I feel that making capital punishment a viable result may discourage more serious offenders from elevating their criminal activity.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I do believe it does discourage crime and protect people, because it is a reminder to people to follow the law, or pay for not following it.

    Capital punishment will protect people from the members of society who choose to kill or do horrible acts against society. The people who are guilty and receiving punishment will no longer be able to hurt anyone. And the people who are on the edge of committing a crime that warrants this penalty will always have the knowledge of what their punishment will be.

    Posted by: ExcitingBrendan
  • I do believe that capital punishment protects the public as it stops the criminal from ever committing another crime.

    At one time I was against capital punishment but with the high rate of recidivism I am no longer convinced rehabilitation is effective. Overcrowding in prison has forced many prisons to release violent offenders before their time and they in turn have committed more crimes. Although capital punishment may not be the answer it will at least keep a violent prisoner from committing another crime against an innocent person. To me the rights of the innocent have to take precedence over the supposed rehabilitation of a convict.

    Posted by: B Stephens
  • Off with his head!

    Capital punishment is absolutely a necessity in our society. If I killed a man and new that for the rest of my life, I would be clothed, sheltered and fed by the state, it may be a better alternative than being homeless. However, if I new that there was a death penalty involved if I murdered someone, I wouldn't do it.

    Posted by: R34llyAla
  • I agree that capital punishment helps protect the public and discourages crime.

    I believe that capital punishment is needed to help protect the public. I think that most people who commit crimes would become even more dangerous if this penalty was taken away. I actually believe that capital punishment should be used for all violent crimes and for all crimes against children.

    Posted by: EantDirty
  • Harsh punishments are the only way to deter crime, so I support the death penalty.

    There has to be a strong psychological deterrence to crime, and harsh penalties to crime provide the answer. We have become too sensitive to punishments in this country. We need to reinstate severe penalties for heinous crimes in order to give criminals a louder subconscious, so to speak. Sentences have become easy to serve to hardened criminals and provide no form of deterrence to their next crime.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Death Penalty does not Ensure Safer Cities/Societies

    Death Penalty doesnt discourage crime, In fact killing a criminal isnt going to ensure that there will be no offenders. Whether someone is killed by the state or the person kills someone, Its actually the same thing its still Murder. The eye for an eye policy has never worked, It just creates more anger and hatred and anyways criminals have a criminal mindset, Murderers and serial killers have their own mindsets and no matter how heinous the punishment is it will not work on them because they do no fear dying. The only solution is either a very, Very long prison term that locks them up in prison for good or rehabilitation.

  • Capital Punishment is dangerous to the innocent.

    As well as discouraging the criminals to stop crime by fear of death, there are criminals who have the intelligence for a full proof plan to frame a person. So some criminals will indeed stop, but the others that are confident in their ability to get away will only continue their crime spree. At an even faster rate. Criminals have even said themselves that they would rather die there and then, than being locked behind bars for the rest of their life. So, not only is this punishment against our Constitution by being cruel and unusual punishment, but this is also very dangerous to the innocent people. Over 4.1% of the deaths from capital punishment were innocent people.

  • Found Statistics show that the death penalty leads to a brutalisation of society and an increase in murder rate.

    In the USA, more murders take place in states where capital punishment is allowed. In 2010, the murder rate in states where the death penalty has been abolished was 4.01 per cent per 100,000 people. In states where the death penalty is used, the figure was 5.00 per cent per 100,000.

    Posted by: LJ99
  • Are we still in the stone age?

    I'm shouldn't install statistics because they may be wrong, but Capital Punishment is practically pointless. LIfe imprisonment serves better, and rehabilitation more still. It does not discourage crime at all, because killers act upon impulse. There's people out there who want to cheat death in the sense that they become ineluctable to the law. The death penalty is a miserly conflation of Vengeance with Justice...
    And using a life to set an example? No-go.

  • Let Them Suffer

    I do not think that the death penalty help limit the amount of crimes. These criminal would probably rather die than to suffer the rest of their life in prison. Nothing is worse than sitting in a little cell and not getting a chance to see the world again. You are missing out on life and most people go mentally insane. The Death Penalty also goes against most religions. Give criminals sentences to life in prison instead of Death.

  • I disagree with it

    I disagree. I supported capital punishment for a long time, but the more I learned about it, the more I came to oppose it. In the end, several factors changed my mind:

    1. By far the most compelling is this: Sometimes the legal system gets it wrong. In the last 30 years in the U.S., over 100 people have been released from death row because they were exonerated by DNA evidence. These are ALL people who were found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Unfortunately, DNA evidence is not available in most cases. No matter how rare it is, the government should not risk executing one single innocent person.

  • It is hypocritical and immoral to execute someone

    As human beings, we deserve equal respect, that includes criminals. As unfair as it may seem, we need to give every person the right to live, that way human rights policies don't seem complicated and contradict the laws we have in some countries.No human being should be murdered. No one.

  • Bring capital punishment back.

    If we did not take that persons life away they are going to continuously kill and take more peoples' lives away. Therefore, I feel capital punishment should be brought back. So if we end their life quick enough they will never be able to commit crimes like rape, robbery and murder again.

  • Capital Punishment Does Not Deter Crime

    Studies have shown that states with the capital punishment have a higher murder rate than states without the capital punishment. That seems to show that the death penalty does not dissuade criminals. If the capital punishment works to prevent crimes, then shouldn't the states with the death penalty have lower murder rates than states without the death penalty?

    An easy alternative is to put people in prison for life without any chance of parole. It will get the criminals off of the streets without any chance to commit more crimes, plus they can be let free if they are actually innocent. After all, at least 23 innocent people have executed since 1900. That is 23 innocent people who didn't need to die, and could have been saved if they had been locked up instead of executed.

  • I do not Agree that Capital punishment protects the public and discourages crimes.

    Dying without any harsher punishments is a pro for bigger criminals. Instead of just dying, sentence for life is harder. Criminals would find dying easier than prison. You do not have to suffer at all. Executions is a pro for criminals, so it would only cause more crimes. More crimes would not protect the public.

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