• Carol Thatcher was not performing.

    Carol Thatcher has been riding on her mother's success for a very long time. Whenever she gets into a bind, she just writes a book about her family. She secured a position based on her name and then proved she was not up to that same standard her mother set. If the company felt that she was not performing as expected, and could not negotiate another position, then they have every right not to employ her.

  • Carol Thatcher has had a Great career

    Carol Thatcher has been a great journalist for many years and has gained a lot of respect from a lot of different people. Being sacked the way she did was not justified and I know a lot of people who has taken part of this news would definitely agree with me.

  • No Reason To

    Given Carol Thatcher's career I wouldn't say it was 100% upstanding, but I don't see any reason to sack her. I think she has provided some good pieces in her time and she has been more of an asset to society than a liability. I don't see any reason to send her on her way.

  • A great journalist

    No, I do not think that she should have been fired by her company. She is a great journalist, and worked very hard at her job so that the news and facts were presented to the public how they should be. Her company will have a hard time replacing her.

  • No, she shouldn't have been sacked.

    There is a lot of bias against Carol Thatcher because of the legacy of her mother. Sure, she made a mistake and she holds many of her mother's ideals close, but this isn't a reason to be canned. Bias and public opinion resulting in job laws means a society isn't truly free.

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