Do you agree that certain rights should be granted to non-violent, sentient artificial intelligence?

  • Yes it should

    A non- violent sentient AI is already programmed to cause no harm to humans. Therefore, i don't see a reason to why we should not grant rights to it. In lieu, i see more benefits than harm for example, a sentient AI could improve our lives because as we all know that most catastrophic flaws are caused by human errors and with the rights granted to these machines, i certainly believe it could reduce most of the horrific events that had happened and will happen

  • Yes, I do.

    I do agree that certain rights should be granted to non-violent, sentient artificial intelligence. But this has to be after the artificial intelligence reaches a certain point. Maybe that of a small mammal, like a rodent. Mammals have rights. Our most intelligent artificial life right now is the Mars rover, and that has the intelligence of a cockroach. Cockroaches don't have rights.

  • Yes, when it happens we should

    I don't know when it is going to happen,but when it does, if they are non violent they will need rights. If you think it is going to happen any time soon, its not. We are so far away from AI it's not even funny. The next step is quantum computers, we can work from there.

  • They have no true intelligence.

    No, I do not agree that certain rights should be granted to non-violent sentient artificial intelligence, because in the end, they do not have emotions, or personalities, or any true intelligence. A computer can only do the things that it is trained to do. There is no need to give a computer rights because it cannot feel.

  • It's only a machine.

    Nope. There will never be a thing such as sentient artificial intelligence, for one thing. But even if there were, we can't get past the fact that it's something we created and programmed. We also bake bread. Are we supposed to ask its permission before we cut it into slices and make it into toast? This idea is just as ludicrous.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Artificial intelligence is a man-made creation. For this reason, I do not believe certain rights should be granted to non-violent, sentient artificial intelligence. I believe we need to address the rights of humans above the rights of the things we create. In fact, I think there are a lot of problems with this suggestion that make it impossible.

  • No, it doesn't have real thoughts or feelings

    Does your care have rights? Does your cell phone have rights? No they do not. Artificial intelligence is just that artificial. It would not have actual thoughts or feelings as those too are simply just programs running. For thease reasons i do not believe artificial intelligence should be granted any rights. There should also be absolute safe gards in place if we advance that far.

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