Do you agree that classrooms should be equipped with closed-circuit cameras?

  • If the School Can Afford It

    I am not opposed to classrooms being equipped with closed-circuit cameras, in fact as a parent, I think these systems could be beneficial. My only problem with the suggestion is where the funds to provide the equipment and installation will come from. I believe schools should use their funds for education, not closed-circuit cameras.

  • Yes, probably a good idea.

    A class room was never meant to be a private place. It should be open to administration members as well as to parents who want to drop in. If there were closed circuit tv cameras in the room and everyone knew it, then there could be easy access both to the children's behavior issues and to the ability of the teacher.

  • Classrooms should be equipped with closed-circuit cameras to imporve the saftey and accountability of the school environment.

    I think that closed-circuit cameras would provide both students and teachers with a greater sense of security in the classroom environment. School is a public place, and as such there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. The tapes provided by these closed circuit cameras would prove indispensable should matters arise involving a court of law. Additionally they could be used to conduct random teacher performance audits remotely which would offset their cost, and give the audits greater accuracy since the teacher will have no fore knowledge that the audit is taking place.

  • Keep a watch

    Yes, I do think that classrooms should be equipped with a camera, because throughout schools there is a lot of things that are stolen from classrooms, both from the teacher and the students. With cameras the thiefs will be easily caught and can be punished for what they have done.

  • Give kids privacy

    Children should be given privacy in their lives, even if they don't know they are being watched. The idea that children will be abducted or hurt is based more in fear than in fact, and children, when they find out about the cameras, will feel betrayed that they were watched.

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