• Kids need a curfew

    It is safe for kids to have a curfew because kids don't need to be out that late. If they are they could get hurt because it is dark out side at that late at night. You cant really see were you are going if you are walking and parent's some times get worried.

  • Early curfews equal less trouble.

    Curfews help to keep teens out of trouble. There is something about night time, about the sky getting dark, that causes trouble. When most people go to sleep it becomes prime time for mischief makers to go out and start trouble because they feel they won't be seen or get caught. Cutting the curfew to an earlier hour keeps these kids inside.

  • Yes, I agree with curfews to keep teens out of trouble

    Having a curfew is definitely a good idea to help keep teens out of trouble. By setting a time restraint on how late they are allowed out it teaches them responsibility and discipline. Speaking from my own experience having a curfew most definitely kept me out of trouble. It seems like the later the night gets the crazier the things teens want to do.

  • Curfews for teens to keep them out of trouble?

    I do believe in curfews for teens because not only will it keep them out of trouble it will keep them out of harms way. There are strange people that wonder the streets at night time and that is not a place that a teenager should be. Teens should be at home with family or a caretaker focusing on their future and studing for tests or doing homework or even going to bed so they have the energy to go to school the next day/

  • They shouldnt damn it

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  • Curfews cause more troubles than prevent them.

    Curfews cause more troubles than prevent them. It is said that 62% of people said that curfews don't prevent teens from causing trouble, and 38% of people said that curfews do. There may be other cases, but I am going to say only 2.

    1. Curfews can cause agitation between the teenager and the parents. This can lead to teenagers not listening to the parents and cause trouble.

    2. Curfews can cause teenagers to panic and can lead to an accident. The teenager might have a situation when he or she is late, so they rush home, increasing the chance of having an accident.

    There might be other cases, but these 2 are the two main reasons why curfews do not keep teens out of trouble. Instead, they create more trouble than preventing them.

  • Not a chance!

    Curfews only make teens feel powerless, angry, and ultimately lead to lies. Teens feel the need to lie so they can do what they want and still make "curfew". Children will lie to parents on there whereabouts and activities that are being done before curfew. All curfew regulates is that the trouble must get done before they have to be home, it sets a count down to the time they have to do bad things.

  • No, Curfews Do Not Help

    Curfews may keep well meaning teens off the street at night, but they do not work to a larger extent. Teenagers will break or bend the rules and always will; that is what they do. If a teen wants to get into trouble, they will find a way to -- curfew or not.

  • Not at all

    No, a curfew does not do a lot of good to keep a teen out of trouble. They can do things just as bad before the curfew is up as they can after the curfew is up. They do all the bad things that they want and make the curfew.

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