Do you agree that Disney put subliminal, sexual contents in their film?

Asked by: anti-iTunes
  • The Walt Disney company is notorious for putting sexual contents in their film and tv shows.

    "SEX" word in The Lion King, phallic symbol in The Little Mermaid and a nude Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Disney is very perverted and their films must be banned anymore! They're putting some sexual contents that can see by a subconscious mind to control kids that want sex?!

  • No, I Disagree

    I do not think that Disney purposefully put any subliminal content into their films. Many of the small instances where Disney films have offensive content are clips that were animated by single animators who were disgruntled with Disney. You can't fault the entire company because one animator added in a bit of vulgarity to a split-second still-frame.

  • Walt Disney's Vision

    We know that in the era's of the creation of Disney Company, Walt Disney dedicated himself into the his first priority, Happiness of Children. That Vision never change until now.

    About some interpretation by the "Analyzer" who post their own "analysis" into a picture or videos that shared worldwide, i could say that it just bunch of people that jealous with Disney Corps. And busy themselves to do these "analysis".

    I would ask you, if you don't look at the picture or watch the Video, would you ever think that Disney Corps. Put those sexual contents thing? Of course not, because, you would not pause every scene inside the movie right? You wouldn't have searching for every nude scene in the movies just to prove Disney Wrong.

    Children would never be affect with those influence, because they are watch that just for fun and see how the cartoon feel fun for them, they not just watch the sex content in every movie and left when it is cartoon. They are like the cartoon, not the past over nude contents. That's why they would never be affected.

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