Do you agree that former Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam announcing he is gay should be relevant information?

  • Yes, sexual identiy is relevent to our changing world.

    Yes, I do believe that Michael Sam's announcement is important because, coming out is very tough, and he works in a male dominated masculine sport, for him to come out and possible ruin his career and the image some people might have of him is admirable. He is an excellent example for young gay kids.

  • Yes, it should.

    Yes. It is very relevant information right now and in this day and age. There is not even an out gay player in the NFL, so this is very important. We can see from some homophobic responses why this still needs to be talked about. Most people seem accepting though. Maybe someday, with help of people like Michael Sam, being gay won't be a big deal and something one has to come out with.

  • Sports should support Sports

    Interestingly enough, when you interview Michael Sam, you find out that he is not a lewd person. Questions can arise, such as, if the quarterback is getting the ball, does it make Michael Sam feel erotic if he is the nosegard? also, what about the locker rooms? Since Michael Sam is legit, these issues matter less.

  • It's relevant only in that he felt he had to announce it.

    Michael Sam's sexual orientation makes no difference in his ability to be an NFL football player, but it will affect how other players and teams may treat him. In an interview, he said he felt the need to own his coming out, since he was afraid that his being gay might leak before the combine. It's a shame that he felt he had to come out to protect himself from rumors, but it shouldn't be relevant because it really doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter.

  • It is his personal life.

    No, I do not agree that Former Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam announcing he is gay should be relevant information, because a person's sexual preferences should be no more relevant to their job than what they like to eat for breakfast. Sam should be entitled to his personal life and his preferences just like anyone else. Our society should not care and leave him alone, one way or the other.

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