• Yes, gay marriage should be made legal.

    I do believe gay marriage should be made legal in all states. Gay couples deserve the same marriage rights as straight couples. Not allowing gay couples to marry is discriminating. People who do not agree gay marriage should be made legal should mind their own business. I don't see why people make such a big deal about it.

  • It makes sense

    I have mixed feelings about the federal government legislating any kind of marriage, but, on a state level, gay marriage, and, really any marriage between two adults, should be made legal. Any opposition I have to this topic is based on the reach of the government, not the actual marriage.

  • Yes I do.

    I agree that gay marriage should be made legal, and I think it is silly that it is not. People have a right to happiness. It is our natural born right. They can not and should not take that away simple because they have a religious view that differs from others.

  • Gay marriage should be legal.

    There is no reason to stop gay marriage from being legal. We should not stop people from doing something that is of their own free will. People should love whoever they want to love and we should not judge them for what they choose to be. The fact that this has no changed yet is disgusting and is basically how we treated black people in the past.

  • Yes legalize it

    The government or any individual should not have a say on another persons life it is unconstitutional wether you agree or disagree it’s a personal choice between people involved straight or gay a lot of marriages are destroyed bc of lawyers and judges meddling in people’s private matters for profits, If two people love each other they should have the same rights to be treated with the respect of the law no matter what

  • Yes. All people should have the same basic human rights.

    All people should have equal rights, and that also applies to LGBT people. It is not important if we agree with their sexual preference. It is about basic human rights. We also have the right to believe or not and whom/what we believe in. The bottom line is; 'Love is Love', as weird_one pointed out so well.

  • Love is love!

    A person should have every right to get married to the one they love, no matter who that may be. Homosexuals deserve the same rights that straight people do because sexual orientation by no means determines a person's worth. In any work place, if they don't hire someone because they are gay, it's considered discrimination. If the government says that someone may not get married because they are gay, is this not also discrimination?

  • I don't really know of a reason to deny it

    The bottom line is that I have yet to hear any compelling, logical reason that holds up to some scrutiny as to why they should be denied marriage rights. I mean, it really does not change much except for the gender of the people involved, and, frankly, civil marriages are nothing more than contracts to establish next of kin, inheritance rights, and that sort of thing. If two consenting adults want to set that up, then I see little reason to discriminate based upon gender.

  • It is not natural

    It makes sense, marriage between two people of the same sex is not natural. If marriage between two people of the same sex is natural, then incest' or pedophilia would be too! That is wrong. Just because a person has a tendency for something, doesn't make it right. Besides gay marriage would affect children. For example if a gay couple adopts a child, the child has the right to have a natural family. In the growth of the human beings, children need a maternal and a paternal image, so they can develop their sexual behavior. Many cases of homosexuality are related to the lack of a paternal or maternal image during childhood.
    In conclusion if gay marriage is legalized, what arguments could the state give for not legalizing the other antinatural tendencies, like pedophilia or zoophelia?
    Just because it is your will, doesn't make it right

  • Marriage vs civil partnership

    Of course we call them the same thing, but really they are different.

    Marriage is a union recognized by religious faith, and it is of my opinion the government has no right to force a religious group or faith to recognize a union. Hence separation of church and state..

    Legal, civil unions are different. If you want to throw a ring on and call it marriage, have at it. I take zero offense to that, and nobody should.

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