Do you agree that good educational system and health system are more important for a nation's security that military power?


    Debate yaad kr lee kya???? Agar haan to bhut bdiya... Aur agar naa to jaldi se karlo kyuki apne house ki to waise he lgi pdi hai l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l

    Posted by: PTht
  • Educational and health systems increase awareness

    In order to be advanced and stay ahead of your enemies you need to have the intelligence from future leaders to allow for success. This falls directly on the education system to provide that possibility. Also a better health system would allow for stronger recovery in the event a catastrophe happens.

  • Yes, they are

    These fundamental plans open a backbone for what the country can stand on. The nation is only as good as the next generation, skipping out on these ideals would be wrong. The best examples are not hard to notice, Russia failed cause they lacked these backbone ideals, and the Red Curtain fell. I hope it happens to China as well.

  • When the people are stable

    The country is stable. When people do not lead stable lives, the country is not stable. It would behoove our leaders to start paying attention to the little people. Going to college should not be this expensive, health care definitely should not be this expensive. People do much better when they feel like they are actually working to improve their lives. Instead, of just working to pay their bills.

  • No, education systems and health systems are not more important for national security than military power.

    While in the US we may cherish good health and education to make our nation stronger, on the whole military power keeps nations safe. When push comes to shove a strong military defense system stops your country from being invaded by intimidation. The US is generally left alone by other nations because we have the ability to stop out a threat if needed. Power-hungry individuals and groups are not intimated by Obamacare and the percentage of our young adults that have graduated college.

  • Might is needed for defense.

    A good educational system and health system are not more important for a nation's security than military power. If a county has a great health system and a great educational system, that makes them ripe for invasion. Without the ability to defend themselves, they will be overtaken. It is better to have security and might.

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