• Yes, I think guns should not be sold to suspected terrorists.

    A terrorist is most likely to go through black market channels to obtain any firearms that they require for their duties but in general I think it is good policy to not sell guns to suspected terrorists, limiting their access even if only by a little to firearms can't do anything but help.

  • Guns should not be sold to terror suspects.

    Guns should not be sold to terror suspects. I do not believe that we should be allowing terrorists to buy guns but how are we to know who they are? I do not think that if you are a terrorist that you are going to fill out a form with that information.

  • We don't need to faciliate it.

    Yes, I agree that guns should not be sold to terror suspects, because there is no need to help them when they are intent on destroying us. If there is credible evidence that a person has talked about or honestly wants to hurt people, there is no reason to give them the gun to do it.

  • Sounds Good To Me

    I would have to agree that guns shouldn't be sold to terror suspects, but in all honesty how many KNOWN terror suspects are trying to purchase guns within the United States. I mean, realistically, that number is probably zero because they would probably buy the firearm off the black market anyway. Right? Issues are not black and white, they're always an interesting shade of gray.

  • I think it is a good idea

    Guns should not be sold to civilians because it can be put in to the wrong hands they can hurt kids baby and people who don't deserver to get hurt it is sad and people can kill their perents I do not like guns at all the end thank you

  • We have a constitutional right in America to bear arms.

    We have a constitutional right to bear arms. Because someone is suspected of being a terrorist does not mean that they are. There has been many instances of mistaken identity and racial profiling which could prevent a citizen from protecting themselves because they were unable to buy a gun. A suspect is a suspect and is innocent until proven guilty.

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