Do you agree that immigrants who break local laws should be deported more quickly?

  • Breaking the law is definitely a quick deportation issue

    If an immigrant breaks the law they should jump to the front of the deportation line. If they are unable to assimilate into society in a positive, productive manner then they forfeit the right to be here. America is the land of the free but freedom has its cost. You have to abide by the laws of the land like everybody else.

  • Illegal Immigrants break laws, deported

    Illegal Immigrants have no rights simply because they have already broken the law by being illegal. Illegal based on the constitution have no rights and they should never be given rights unless they arrive legally and pay their dues. We should not pay for their health care, housing or food. We have our own people who may need help. As long as there is just one veteran waiting for health care, housing or anything else we should be taking care of our own first. Deport illegal immigrants and let them come back legally as long as they have obeyed the law. Once deported for breaking the law they should not be allowed to come in legally.

  • Assymilate or go home

    If a person of any class or creed wishes to live in our country, they must obey the laws. If citizens are already harshly punished for criminal offenses, it makes no sense to go easy on immigrants. Even if they receive the same punishment, allowing immigrants to continue to live here after they violate our laws clearly demonstrates that they do not intend on following our way of life. Culture is great, criminal acts are not.

  • Immigrants should be treated fairly.

    Immigrants who are here legally should be treated fairly and properly. They should be given a fair trial, as any citizen would be, to determine the severity of the crime. The punishment for their crime should be based on the verdict of that trial. Should the judge determine the law was broken maliciously or intentionally, the immigrant in question should be subjected to an expedited deportation process.

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