Do you agree that iPhone is better than the Blackberry?

  • Who Uses A Blackberry

    I agree, I do believe the iPhone is better than the Blackberry. I haven't had a Blackberry for years and I don't know one person who uses one. I hated the Blackberry I did have. Of all the phones I've had, iPhone is not my favorite, I enjoyed the Galaxy more.

  • The iPhone is better than the Blackberry.

    The iPhone is a better phone than the Blackberry. The iPhone has a lot more features and that is why it is far more popular than the Blackberry. Apple did a much better job constructing its competitors. There are also a lot more varieties of iPhone to choose from for different consumer needs.

  • Blackberry Phones Too Unwieldy

    Blackberry phones were too big and unwieldy. Their physical keyboards took up to much space as the phone became more about texting rather than becoming a useful tool. Blackberries were quickly replace by Samsung as the second-most popular phone brand due to Samsung's ability to make upgrades in the key smartphone category using touchscreens.

  • Yes, it seems to be so.

    The Blackberry had a lot to offer because it was the first phone to really allow people to manage their lives digitally. However, the iPhone is more of a mini computer now and the screen is much bigger and it is much easier to use so undoubtedly it is the modern incarnation of what the Blackberry tried to do.

  • Yes, the iPhone is better.

    The iPhone is better than the Blackberry for a lot of reasons. First apple is the leader of the entire industry. This means that it has better applications to use on your iPhone. The iPhone also looks better than the Blackberry. The iPhone is even a device that can be useful if you don't even want to use it as a phone.

  • BB is a tool not a toy

    Apple has pointed one fun area or desire of every person , that kind a easy one, and after they saw this was the winning card they sophisticated and refined the message pushing again and again on this fanciness part of us, the people.
    On the other hand BB wasn't ! Simple they didn't want to encourage this kind of offer , and maybe this was the mistake.
    BB is a productive tool for people who does business. OK it can do also fun activities, but it is not designed to serve this kind of purposes.
    What it is impossible to understand it is the hate that normal people have for bb, maybe because they were forced to use this phone at work ?, maybe because the apple marketing was done a very good job ? I don't know, but it is clear that also BB is guilty of staying and just staring to the apple and Samsung success...
    ANY WAY AGAIN the "tool not toy" strategy it is better than the fun approach of the gimmicks sold every day by apple.
    Also I can say that the BB fans "Think Different" and they are thinking like all the herd...

  • BB is the best

    The new BB10 software is amazing and it allows users to do much more while being safe and sound with Blackberry's security. Especially since new updates are being added, like being able to download apk's, being able to transfer bar files, etc. Blackberry is heading the right way and are soon going to rule the market.

  • The new Blackberry 10 OS is superior in the most recent tests and reviews (see below):

    4. The Application gap has been closed with the most recent OS 10.2.1 update which enables direct Android APK downloads without sideloading.
    5.Blackberry still remains the most secure and efficient smartphone available while providing better user interface and communications capabilities. See for yourself and check it out.

  • Blackberry is better

    Just because apple has a good brand image, and higher market share does not mean that its product is better than the blackberry. In fact BB was literally sleeping while others recognized the potential of smartphones with their touchscreens. Concerning the variety of phones actually there is only one phone which apple is producing this is the iphone. It is only getting new features and other stuff every year, but that is actually the same as blackberry. Considering the progress BB has made it can be said that in terms of learning and sophistication of its product BB wins. Iphone generally only renews its design and other small stuff. There is no doubt that apple has far more applications than BB, but guys think differently do you really want to share all of your informations within your phones with all your apps? Every app wants permission to your personal infos, now apple wants your fingerprints as well. ? Guys open your eyes there is far more behind this fancy apple produt. If you want to trade your personal information for short fun time then its fine. What i am trying to tell you is that apple stores your infos and probably gives or sells your infos to other institutions. I dont think that BB is doing that. They are famous for not sharing any personal infos they are more sophisticated in terms of customer privacy, BBM for instance why do you think that most companies uses blackberrys as company phones? And i guess thats all matters. BB´s Physical keyboards, is a taste issue. But why are now companys selling now keyboards (copied from BB) for samsungs and iphones? Because they recognized its importance and that there is potential again.
    To sum up
    Variety of Phones: BB wins
    customer privacy: BB wins
    R&D: BB and Apple wins

    only because someone overslept does not mean that they are bad!
    Wake up and dont trade your personal infos ;)

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