Do you agree that like Agent Smith in Matrix said, "human beings are a disease... On this planet"?

Asked by: cjchang
  • Think about it.

    When we contrast the human species to species like ants, which serves more ecological purpose? Are humans really such an essential part of the ecosystem? Which consequence will be more disastrous if our population were to be eradicated, compared to ants? According to ehow.Com, the functions of ants include maintaining the environment and preserving nature's life cycle. Currently more than 12,000 ant species are hard at work improving soil quality and working as impromptu janitors. While many consider ants to be a major inconvenience, without their presence the existence of other species would be endangered.

    What humans have been doing (I might be wrong) is stopping our own evolution. Why do I say that? As humans grow smarter, we rely more on technology to help make life more comfortable for us. What is the result? We don't have to succumb to the painful process of evolution to ensure our species' survival. In fact, our species' survival is more than guaranteed. We're all over the world, a rather huge success I would say when we look at it in comparison to other species of animals. What have been the results of our reliance on technology? Human beings are (correct me again if i'm wrong) one of the biggest leechers of Earth's natural resources. In comparison to other animals, we use the most natural resources on this planet, due to our desire for comfort. Things like cars and electrical gadgets, suck up the Earth's natural resources like coal and oil and gas. Such use is unsustainable, yet our population seems to be constantly increasing more and more, compounded by the fact that our population can now live to an older, riper age (ageing population phenomenon present in many societies today, especially developed ones). I am sad to see the parallelism between this and a disease in a host. A disease gradually causes the host to fall ill, and succumb to it and after all resources have been depleted, the host and the disease both die. There have been efforts to make our consumption of energy more sustainable, but in my humble opinion, it's not progressing fast enough. Humans are taking up too much space and resources on this planet that firstly, we are endangering other species' survival - key to the ecosystem, take deforestation as an example. And many choose to turn a blind eye to that. I hate to put things this way, but I can't think of any arguments that have a more positive tone. Anyone care to answer and tell me more about humans' ecological purpose on the planet? Thanks.

  • Humans are not a disease nor a cure.

    This planet was given a rare gift; to contain life. Many planets do not possess the wonderful gift this planet, in which we should respect more, have. We have made many poor decisions on taking care of our planet, but some of those poor decisions helped us learn and see the mistakes we made and we try to make improvements on going green. I think it is very disappointing to call yourself a disease when you should be calling yourself a unique being. There is only one of us (the human race), and there is only one of you, and life is very precious, so don't make it sound like it's nothing worth living through. Disease is a strong word to describe anything, yes, anything. Its like saying I hate.... Hate is a strong word, in which you have to use it carefully, just like disease. Use your words wisely, think carefully, think deeply, and you'll make the decision you think is best for you and your followers.

  • Smith was a program.

    He did not even live in the real world but only in the Matrix. According to the plot, humans were basically batteries that were plugged into a virtual existence (the Matrix). Smiths view of humans would be that of what the program determined them to be in the virtual world. If anything, it would be the fault of the Matrix that caused our simulations to be like that. Clearly, Smith never stepped foot in the real world so could not say that "human beings are a disease... On this planet".
    If you are one of those people who claim that humans are bad for this planet, by all means, take the first step and eliminate yourself from it. Be sure not to have kids or else they would surely become part of the problem as well. If you feel your existence is important, then what makes you any different than the others you despise? Take a stand and kick yourself out of the gene pool.

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