Do you agree that my plan, explained on TheWorldSolution.Net, can save the world from suffering and destruction?

Asked by: elbaliavatondi
  • We can do it

    Yes eye do agree that we can change the planet in fact we are doing so RIGHT now... Believe it and achieve it should be the motto for the day in fact anyone who doubts this fact is probably not one of the beings that are presently here on Earth to save the planet... WE WILL NOT LOSE 😋 ExpectUz

  • Mental Unity Is the Solution

    Everything is explained in much greater detail on the website, but to summarize: The solution to all of mankind's major problems is to create a mental unity among humans in which we all perceive each other's experiences and feel all the associated positivity and negativity as if it were our very own so that we are deterred from harming each other. This may sound crazy or impossible, but I have yet to conceive of any better way to get us all agree to the various tasks of saving the world, for as long as humans are divided, there will be conflict, and as long as there is conflict, we risk extinction.

  • Lol is this a joke?

    Not only does your plan violate the basic right of privacy as having a hivemind would expose everything about everyone but it's also extremely unrealistic. This doesn't even take in mind people who are apathetic to other people. Do you really think someone like a serial killer a mass murderer would care about other people's experiences and feelings?

  • No, I don't think it does.

    A hivemind mentality doesn't remove the one exclusive problem that kept returning as I read.

    Finite resources.

    It completely destroys everything. Even if everyone is equal, the same, they have access to everything. The juxtaposition of everything in the universe and our sole dependence on this earth as it is makes painfully obvious the notion that people must go without in every scenario.

    This means conflict must exist, or will eventually exist as expansion continues.

    It is unavoidable. Suffering is inevitable, someone must go without for another to obtain. If that is solely at a level of a child being forced to wait for their turn with a toy, or being the recipient of a sole organ donation when two were needed for 2 people, Someone loses out.

    We cannot prevent suffering, so long as we have emotions, and so long as resources are finite. Humans themselves are unique, and even as we are capable of production, without the loss of our humanity or personality, we cannot become less valuable. Which makes our loss cause suffering.

    Life itself is a resource, and it runs out.

    Because resources are finite, we must destroy to create or we risk stifling our potential. You must destroy wood, graphite, some rubber and whatever fueled your imagination (food) to write a beautiful poem.

    We cannot prevent Suffering, nor can we prevent destruction, and so long as resources are finite, we cannot stop conflict. No amount of empathy or hivemind thinking will change this.

  • Ha ha... No.

    First off,
    >Implying suffering is bad
    Second off,
    Is there anything you are ashamed of? Stuff you don't want other people to know about?
    Everyone knows about it.
    On the flip side, you now know everything you never wanted to know about other people.
    As long as there is conflict, we are improving ourselves to compete against non-human scum.

  • Too many issues.

    -To become united in any topic requires all people to know and share every reason why everyone else has their opinion on the topic. If you think finding out the basics for a topic are difficult, imagine if you had to know absolutely everything about every culture. Experts in any field can spend lifetimes doing research and still not know everything so to expect everyone to know everything about all topics is unrealistic.
    -To compound this problem, many opinions are based on emotions. People have a hard enough time understanding their own emotions so expecting someone else to understand their reasoning would be impossible.
    -About the only way to have such a system would be by implanting some kind of chip or device that instantly downloads thoughts around the world. Kind of like the Borg in Star Trek. We would basically loose our individuality, and freedom just to become part of a collective.

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