Do you agree that only Retarded Sheeple think America is a Free Country and Greatest Country in the World? America needs more Freedoms

  • America needs more freedom

    Yes I think that America needs more freedom ok and we should have to give more freedom ok and yeah I think that we should have to allow more freedom in America because we need more freedom in America ok and we should have to to give more freedom in America

  • Ignorance is NOT bliss

    The last time the USA really increased freedoms was in 1920 when women were giving the right to vote. It's not that we need more freedom, It's these freedoms need to be enshrined into the US constitution. With the courts becoming more political involved, Overturning old rulings could happen. Or at least weakening old rulings so they are mute point.

    Our freedoms are slowly being whittled down. There are more glitches in the Matrix that are taking away our freedoms. We've become complacent.

    Well the USA is still better than a lot of poor countries (some of which we caused their problems), For a developed country it's almost night and day difference; how far behind the USA is.

    The UN found Alabama to almost be equal to third world. US generally ranks high in industrialized countries in poverty, Which is bad.

    America is no longer the greatest country in the world. There can be no greatest. Keeping that mindset keeps us past, Not looking to the future. Developed countries don't want to be like us is a telling sign we need to step up our game.

  • America is free enough

    America already has enough freedom considering the fact that even people from different nationalities can openly join the parliament and also America was the one of the first countries to abolish slavery and provide equal right to the black community and all these BLM protests are just fake movements that don't make any sense. Where are these people when white people get killed by colored people at that time racism just disappears.

  • Show me a better country.

    Their is no reason to say America is anything other than the best country ever. It was one of the first countries to abolish slavery, Before the pandemic it had arguably the best economy in the world, And was the 19th country to legalize gay marriage. These are some of America's achievements among many others.

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