• It has gone too far

    It has, because we have no: Cartoons, Sci-fi shows, Classic television, and more. I literally prefer the shows I want to watch. I'm sick of Reality TV on local stations and other shows that do NOT belong in the demographic. On a educational viewpoint, Yeah, it works, but in a hyper realistic viewpoint, no. It does not need to be realistic. Entertainment Television should be escaping reality, not having reality with it.

  • You got to read this fact.

    Hi i say yes because you can be able to bully off tv and and if you dont bully you can start now if you watch tv and bad show that show bulling it all happen from when they see it they want to try it on other people in real life.

  • It has gone way too far

    Some of the recent reality tv shows have gotten racist or have started using terrible words, one after the other. Most reality shows also include violence that students and young people start following. Sometimes the kid likes the show too much and gets addicted to it and watches it at night when the parents have no clue of what hes doing. This will effect one kid because he wont get enough sleep and when he does it once he'll think it's okay and will keep doing it. Once one kid thinks that it's okay, he or she will tell their friends and it will spread like a bad virus.

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  • Is Reality TV Necessary

    To a certain extent I agree from an educational point of view but not on a weekly basis. It occurs to me that its effects on our younger generation is harmful and conveys the wrong message. Tasteless portrayals of untalented people who air their dirty laundry and make oodles of cash doesn't seem right. I think the networks should have a moral obligation to the public. Sometimes you have to think what's best for the public not just making a quick buck the cheapest way. What next - Public Beheadings and Vivisections. Good Grief!!!

  • Yes i do

    Yes, I think that they keep trying to push reality tv further and further, and that it has gotten to now it is just all messed up, and to where they need to make a whole lot of changes to make it a little better and a lot more real.

  • I Don't Like It

    I don't know that I would say that reality TV has gone too far, I would simply say that there is too much of it. Worse yet, most reality TV programs aren't actually based in reality. I think we need better programming than what we're being offered. These low price tag shows just aren't cutting it anymore.

  • I love reality TV. I think my favorite show is Impractical Jokers.

    I want it to stay on TV because me and my dad love it. (the new season is coming out so excited!) I would be heart broken if it was taken off of TV. I would probably hide in my room for a week so sad that I cant watch it anymore on TV.

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  • It reflects what the audience wants.

    I do not agree that reality TV has gone too far. I think it provides good entertainment, and it reflects what a lot of the audience wants to see. Some people might not enjoy it, or like how far it is going, but they do not have to watch it. If it had gone too far, no one would be watching.

  • No, I don't think it has or can.

    By definition, "reality TV" is supposedly based on reality, so can that go to far? That kind of gets philosophical. While reality TV is usually scripted and anything but "real," I don't think true reality TV could feasibly go "too far." Glorifying people of questionable morals and weight isn't my cup of tea, but that's a personal choice.

  • It's still funny.

    No, I do not agree that reality TV has gone too far, because I still always catch myself watching it. There are things that I would never do that are on reality shows, but if other people want to eat bugs or have their hearts broken on national television, I will watch it. It's usually all in good fun and the participants are famous.

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