Do you agree that selling coffee and coffee products to minors should be illegal?

  • Coffee should be banned until im 20

    Whenever i have coffee i cant sleep and i get really hyper, so it should be banned. I mean, it tastes great but i can never go to sleep and i dont like that because i need my beauty sleep so im sorry coffee but you have to go :(

  • No caffeine for kids, and adults be careful too.

    Yes caffeine is hard on your cardiovascular system, your central nervous system, your adrenal glands and physiological cellular function and leads to weaker bones, a more acidic internal environment. In fact, during training to be a nutritionist we were taught that the very first thing to do when a new client presents nearly any digestive, skin or blood pressure problem--among many others--is instruct them to cut the caffeine for one month, and see if their body does not manage to heal whatever issue they were having once it is no longer occupied with repairing from caffeine dosage every day (or even once every week), and can regain its target homeostasis.
    But this makes sense, after all caffeine is a drug that puts our body into a state that is unnatural to it. Just like any drug, this requires large quantities of our biological energy budget to remove from our body and restore appropriate internal ph levels and other physiological environmental factors. It is an extra process and so there is less energy left for standard functioning.
    Even more interesting to me though is the psychological normalization. Since when did we find it acceptable to silence the internal voice of our body and biology speaking to us from within: When we are tired perhaps we are not inspired enough, missing significance, connection or growth. Perhaps our diet needs to change, perhaps we simply are not allowing ourselves enough sleep love or excersise. By listening to ourselves we actually become what is healthy for ourselves--be it fitter or calmer or healthier psychologically or physically. The irony is that by becoming what we want to be--which requires some challenge and can't be achieved by simply taking a fix dose of joe--we actually end up having much more energy overall. And this energy is stable, clear and deep, and it doesn't burn out.
    I believe the collective addiction to coffee and other stimulant drugs within western industrial culture is a good yardstick to measure the width of the culturally sanctioned disconnect between people and themselves.
    My suggestion?
    Give yourself at least 3 months completely caffeine free to witness what your body would feel like if it was allowed to return to itself. (Even one cup of coffee in a month will take several weeks to fully energetically recover from, so do the whole 3 months clean).
    After the first month begin doing experiments with yourself. Notice how watching less tv/computer adds to your overall energy. Notice how one small run in a week boosts self esteem, health and leads to more energy still. Notice the difference between a oil-free diet (no fried stuff etc) and a diet thicker in vegetables and fruits. In short, learn how to become in tune with your own internal source of much greater energy, build it up and become self-sufficient and independent rather than relying on a drug to pick you up for an instant and inevitably let you even further down.

  • No caffeine for kids

    Selling coffee and coffee products to minors should be illegal. Caffeine is a drug and no one wants their children to be taking drugs. On top of that, minors are so full of energy -- much more so than adults -- that caffeine is completely unnecessary for them to consume.

  • Coffee i fine (tainsnake) wrote it

    Adults drink it why not minors? Minors need to study and they need to be awake to study. Rather then coffee, There are no easy and dangerous ways for minors to be awake and also grown ups say that you drink coffee you don't grow. That is fake. There are no evidences to prove that.

  • No, I believe minors should be allowed to have coffee and coffee products.

    In many European countries, young children are allowed to have weak coffee. I do not believe that coffee or coffee products pose a risk to minors unless they exceed normal consumption limits, and at worst too much will just make them jittery and unable to sleep. Everyone relies on that extra boost of caffeine to perk them up after a long night of studying.

  • No, I don't.

    I don't agree or believe that selling coffee and coffee products to minors is illegal. I believe that energy drinks are much more dangerous than coffee and I would even be on the fence about banning those for sale to minors. I think that parents should help inform their children's choices and teach them to drink things that are good for them.

  • Parents Should Over See

    I do not believe that selling coffee and coffee products to minors should be illegal. I believe what a minor ingests should be left up to parents and be at their own discretion. I do not believe we should enact more laws to limit the sale of items to minors. Regardless, it is unlikely that there are a lot of minors buying coffee and coffee products anyway, so legislation against it would be a huge waste of money and time.

  • Coffee is fine

    Coffee is completely fine for children to have, and the old idea that caffeine stunts growth or makes children grow less quickly is a myth completely. Caffeine is not great, but its found in so many things, and, more importantly, people are able to find alternatives in any event since its so widely used.

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