Do you agree that some states shouldn't ban pitbulls? Are pitbulls misunderstood?

Asked by: nena430
  • It's All the Press's Fault

    The press criticizes pit bulls, then the people who always believe the press think pit bulls are terrible. Then, of course, people join the bandwagon. And suddenly, everyone hates pit bulls. Sure their aggressive, but they usually don't attack unless you provoke them. The press avoids posting about other dog attacks except for the pit bulls.

  • A Bad Reputation

    Having a pitbull myself has made me realize how misunderstood they are. Pitbulls are generally amazing dogs, they're goofy, friendly, protective, and compassionate. My pitbull had a bad history. I believe the past owners used to fight him. There is a way to break pitbulls out of that type of behavior, if you are willing to have the patience.

  • Fuck my life

    Yes pitbulls are misunderstood, they could be nice loving creatures if they wanted to. They're only trained to be like that if they're wild, or protecting their owners. They're good dog guards if I say so myself, and good do some damage to someone, but only if you let them!!!

  • Anything with teeth can bite you

    To ban an entire breed is so discriminatory and judgemental. One time it was german shepherds, then dobermans, then rottweilers that have been stereotyped as being more aggressive and violent. Now pitbulls? I work with animals and if you would like to get technically the most common breed I've actually seen that are more aggressive are DACHSHUNDS! Who would've thought? But honestly there are no breed of dog that is more "violent" than the other. It is all determined by how they are raised. Now some breed of dogs have different temperaments than other breeds but there is no such thing as a "violent breed". Dogs usually are very good at letting you know how they feel. Avoid triggers. Watch how the dog is acting, and observe his body language. His eyes, ears, hair standing on end, baring his teeth, growling, trying to avoid you, etc. They let you know if they are scared or feel threatened or are in pain. Usually a dog is not going to bite you or attack for no reason at all.

  • Why should a pit bull get banned just because people don't like them

    Why should a pit bull get banned just because people don't like them I don't like a lot of people but I don't try to get them banned from places and so what if the press don't like them other people do so if the press don't like them the shouldn't get them as a pet but if other people like the they should be able to get I had a pit bull but I had to get rid of him because where we lived and I hated it because that dog was my BEST friend.

  • They are harmimg the worlds turtles

    I was bitten by 2420457982462956237484 pitbulls at the same time end this pitbulls should be banned for taco bells rights because this is a democracy people t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t tt t

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