Do you agree that technical innovations slowly destroy people's ability to communicate on a personal level?

  • Yes, I think technology innovations are slowly destroying a persons ability to communicate on a personal level.

    In today's modern society where much conversation between people is through an email or text message society is rapidly forgetting how important personal one on one communication is, over time these skills start to decay as your not using them, I think it will only get worse as more and more of communication is electronic only.

  • Yes, it is called social networks.

    These social network sites like Facebook and Twitter are only destroying people's ability to communicate in person, on a personal level. If we get so accustomed to text messaging and tweets why should we not worry that one day we won't even see each other to develop a good relationship.

  • Yes, people have already stopped communicated

    I often worry that we're raising a generation of kids who lack basic communication skills. Young people don't seem able to talk to each other anymore. The ever-present smartphone dominates their attention and they think it's fine to ignore the people around them.

    Once I was at a local college and I saw a ring of students sitting around a bonfire. They all had a glowing cube pressed to their mouths. I thought, What's this? Some new drug? I walked closer, and what I had seen were the illuminated screens of their cellphones. They're sitting around a bonfire, talking to people who aren't even there instead of being present in the moment. What a waste!

  • No, innovations can be a great too for communication.

    I don't think I agree with this at all. I think people have more opportunity to communicate on a personal level now then at any time in history. The Internet and other technical innovations have allowed people to express their personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions to millions of people, and allowed them to communicate with people they would never have met in previous times.

  • No, its not the innovations that do this

    I don't think that the innovations themselves destroy people's ability to communicate with one another on a personal level. They enable people to make the decisions not to interact with others. The innovations themselves have no intent. People are ultimately responsible for how they use technology. The technology itself is not the cause, only the enabler.

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