Do you agree that the Catholic Church's contraception policy on the use of condoms violates the dignity of life?

  • It is an individual's right to choose whether or not he or she wishes to procreate, not the Church's.

    Everyone has a different view on procreation; if it involves one's own body, then no one else should have a say in what one does with it.

    Posted by: EdgeI4w
  • The Vatican's stance on condoms as contraception does not seek to violate the dignity of life de jure, but de facto, it often leads to families which the mother and father cannot financially support, and therefore violates the dignity of life.

    The Vatican's belief that condoms as contraception should not be permitted violates the dignity of families, which are too large for the mother and father to support.
    Not only in the Developing World, where most of the attention regarding this stance has been directed, but also in the United States, men and women enjoy having sex, but often do not have enough money to support large families. If a mother and father can give a family of five a good life, but not a family of ten, then that family would have a lower standard of life than if it only had five members. Using religion to take away the family's choice of how many members it should have takes away the dignity of having a good life financially, as well as the dignity of choosing the direction a family will take.

    Posted by: MaxweEIite
  • Can't believe God would want overpopulation to continue.

    Times have changed and the world must adjust. That means that the 6 billion and growing people on this planet can't continue to be sustained without serious damage to mother earth. I believe that God wants quality of life, not quantity. So if contraception helps keep families from having too many kids they can't afford, I think that God would go along with that.

    Posted by: Ramon Griffith
  • Catholic Church's contraception policy on the use of condoms is more based on the soul rather life.

    I totally agree that the Catholic Church's contraception policy on the use of condoms violates the dignity of life because they are focusing on more large context, which then focuses on the soul rather than life. Further, they are not bothered about the use of condoms for protection from various diseases like HIV/AIDS. Also, they are fine if any couple has natural sex with time based methods.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Condoms provide for self-gratification

    The sexual relationship is the only natural way to perpetuate mankind. Perpetuating mankind is necessary to support our leading complete lives with dignity through old age until natural death. The sexual act and relationship is both emotionally intimate and mutually pleasurable physically dignifying the life experience of each spouse. Life resulting from the relationship demonstrates the dignity and love the couple has between them. The condom prevents life and only allows for self-gratification through the use of one body employing the other to no mutually productive benefit.

  • I think we should use a condom because it can save thousands of peoples life and the young generation have a health society

    If you have a lot different partner's you get HIV. If you have protected sex like using a condom you will most likely not have HIV. So just using protection you can change the whole society. Like that the society will have less people with HIV to cure. Then all the money which is required to save people with HIV can be used in the countries development. Like that our future generation will have a better life. If everyone takes good care of themselves the society will be a bitter place to live. Then the hospital also have to take precaution like sharing contaminated syringes, needles or other sharp instruments. They should burn or throw it away once they have used it on anyone. There should also be more stronger drugs to prevent HIV.
    Mother to child
    This process takes a lot of money and many people can not afford it so they can also pass it to their kids. So I think that everyone should get a chance to save there child too. Mother to child process helps the future generation and doesn’t let the infection spread.

  • If birth control treats your fertility like a disease, doesn't celibacy as well?

    The Catholic Leadership constantly links the use of birth control to treating fertility like a disease, yet the entire Catholic leadership completely dismisses the use of their own fertility. They essentially have a mandate on complete birth control within their organization, yet want to deny the right to choose our reproductive futures to their members, and now crazily, employees. They have their religious reasons, yes. But I do not believe that their religious excuses are any more valid than any other person's reason to want to decide how many children they have. It becomes once again about the Catholic leadership seeing their rights and interests as more important than their constituents. It is also much less about the use of fertility since the vast majority of people who use birth control will eventually have children. It is about the Church's belief that sex is an evil that is only excused by it's necessity in reproducing. That's fine, I just see that as ignorant of biological as well as social evolution. Feel that way, fine, but you never have the right to force your EMPLOYEES to endanger themselves based on your religious beliefs.

    Further, birth control is life saving. Sorry, it is. Grand multiparity and great grand multiparity lead to vastly increased risks of morbidity and mortality associated with childbirth and chronic complications. Even in today's world, 12 children may mean disability, death or early death for a woman. She has a right to choose this or not.

    We would absolutely never allow a Jehovah's witness CEO to deny blood transfusions to their employees, or for a Christian Scientist to only offer insurance covered prayer. This isn't about religious rights - NO PERSON WILL EVER BE FORCED TO USE BIRTH CONTROL. It is about the Catholic leadership once again seeing their rights as vastly more important than others' rights. If I don't believe in lung cancer care for smokers, I still need to pay for their care in a group program. Tough.

    Also, if they truly believed their own crud, they would be against viagra for any man wed to a post-menopausal woman. Funny how they have never even come close to raising this issue.

  • I oppose the Catholic Church claiming to be an authority about the dignity of life, especially considering the acts of some of their priests.

    Anyone who lives in America, Canada or Europe is quite familiar with what Catholic priests are known for doing these days. The fact that sexual abuse runs so rampant in the Catholic church is proof that their doctrines regarding sexuality are not only restrictive, but lead to harmful behavior. Condoms are not bad things. They prevent the spread of disease, and any religion proclaiming to love its subjects would want them to be healthy.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I oppose the Catholic Church's contraception policy on the use of condoms, because it violates the dignity of one's health and, therefore, their life.

    I understand the Catholic Church's view on the purpose of sex. But, I feel their ban on contraceptives, like condoms, puts their followers in danger of contracting STDs. No religious policy should endanger people. I find the policy especially confounding, because it is rooted in the church's value of life, but it simultaneously endangers life.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • No, I disagree with the Catholic Church's contraception policy, because there is little dignity evident in an unwanted child.

    I do not think that the use of any contraceptive violates the dignity of life. I do understand that every time a man and a woman have sex, there is a potential to create life. But, if we were not to use protection, imagine how many unwanted children there would be. Also, not everyone can afford to have many children.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • God's Love and His Covenant

    It all boils down to the covenant God has maintained with us. In the sanctity of marriage, a couple expresses fully this covenant of God, the covenant of love. A couple who goes against this covenant via use of any form of contraception is violating God's love. The Catholic Church therefore continues to uphold how we Christians should maintain our covenant with our God.

  • The Church

    Sexuality always comes with a responsibility. Sex within marriage is necessary in the building of a family. This is how the Catholic Church views sexuality and marriage and she encourages her members to adhere to this. However, contraception seeks to prevent the conception of a child, which is the responsibility that comes with sexuality. The dignity of sex, which makes a great part in the dignity of life, is upheld due to the responsibility it carries. And once the responsibility in sex is removed (through condoms, vasectomy, etc.) the dignity in sex is also removed.
    Condoms, indeed, could help prevent the spread of STD's. But there are better ways of prevention, such as monogamy, abstinence, and having nothing to do with prostitution- all of which are supported and encouraged by the Church. So the Church and her policies do not, in any way, violate the dignity of life and sex.

  • I believe the Catholic Church's position on the use of contraception supports and affirms the dignity of life.

    Human sexuality has a two-fold purpose: to procreate and to foster close relationships between married couples. Engaging in sex always carries with it the possibility of new life, so using sex only for pleasure is an aberration of the very meaning and purpose of sex. The Catholic Church considers intercourse a sacred act that should be engaged in only by those who accept its consequences.

    Posted by: ShiveringGerard
  • The Catholic church's beliefs concerning the use of any and all contraception does not violate the dignity of life because, instead, it upholds the dignity of life and expresses a deep value for marital love.

    The Catholic church's beliefs concerning all forms of contraception, including the use of condoms, is deeply rooted in its theology of the body and its theology of marriage. Put simply, the love between a man and his wife is like that of Christ and the church. Just as Christ puts no barrier between himself the church, man should put no barrier between himself and his wife. As the Catholic church, along with most other faiths, does not approve of premarital or extramarital sex, these rules only apply to married couples. The church sees the love between married couples and the ability to produce life as totally sacred. Anything, such as contraception, that undermines this gift, undermines the work of Christ. Being open to life is to appreciate and understand fully its value and dignity. The church's stance on contraception is counter-cultural, but Christians strive to imitate Christ, not just when it is politically correct and socially acceptable to do so.

    Posted by: MeatyClarence70
  • No, because living according to a chosen religious code on issues such as the use of condoms actually promotes the dignity of life.

    All people have the right to choose their own religious path, and those who choose Catholicism take on a particular body of ethical principles. Among these is that every sexual act should be open to the creation of life. This means that, for Catholics, contraception violates God's plan for the dignity of the people he created by misusing and distorting sex, a natural act he also created. When this happens, human dignity is harmed in the Catholic view. While those of other religions may passionately disagree with that idea, Catholic doctrine on condoms and other forms of contraception is internally consistent with other Catholic teaching designed to promote and venerate life. For that reason, saying that it violates the dignity of life is a deep misunderstanding of the teaching.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • The Catholic Church's policy on condoms is consistent with their expectations of sex being for procreative purposes and I support them fully.

    The Catholic Church has a clear, consistent expectation of how sex is to be viewed. Sex is a beautiful expression of married people's love for each other and was designed for procreation. Any birth control method that seeks to pervert that is unacceptable and is similar to the sin of Oman, who had sex with his brother's wife but spilled his seed on the ground, preventing conception from taking place.

    Posted by: dearradiox
  • No, using condoms doesn't violate any dignity of life, the use of condoms could help preserve it.

    The use of condoms in no way violates the dignity of life. The use of condoms can help save lives by preventing the spread of AIDs. Using condoms can help prevent unwanted pregnancy in a way that avoids using more dangerous forms of pregnancy like the IUD or birth control pills. The use of condoms could also result in a reduction in abortions from unwanted pregnancy which is much more likely to be seen as a violation of the dignity of life.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Condoms as contraception is not a violation of dignity of life, abortion and unwanted children are

    A condom prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. Life is prevented, but it is not ended. An abortion, however, does end a life. By denying the condom, the simplest of contraceptive methods aside from abstinence, the risk of unwanted pregnancies and then abortion increase. Children born as the result of failed contraception do occur, and they should be placed for adoption to respect life. But without simple contraception, there will be more unwanted children and terminated unwanted pregnancies, and that is a greater violation of the dignity of life.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Condom use does not violate the dignity of life because it doesn't end life, it just prevents conception.

    Condom use and other methods of birth control that prevent conception do not violate the dignity of life. There is nothing immoral about preventing pregnancy. As a matter of fact the prevention of pregnancy in many circumstances is the wisest thing to do. The prohibition of birth control is based on a misguided interpretation of the Bible and does not in any way compromise the moral standing of the people who choose to prevent pregnancy.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • I believe that life begins at conception. There is no soul until the embryo is started.

    Using condoms does not violate the dignity of life. That would be like comparing condoms to a male not climaxing while making love to his wife. If no conception takes place, no life has been started. Life is precious, but there has to be life first.

    Posted by: ddeathnote

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