Do you agree that the "Deer Crossing" signs should be moved away from areas of heavy traffic, so the deer can cross in greater safety?

Asked by: bigdave
  • Absolutely positively definitely

    A deer is a wise animal and can tell what a sign means, they view the sign and see that this is supposedly the best place to cross on the highway. And a motorist does not slow down or become more aware when they see these signs. Move the signs

  • Yes, of course!

    If deer cross the road in more populated areas, there is a bigger chance that they will be run over. Deer are an endangered species and we need more of them. And even if there is a Deer Xing sign, no one pays attention to signs, but deer really do!

  • Not another one.

    How many times do you need to check to see if people actually read these things, bigdave? Are you ever going to ask a question that has any sort of relevance or meaning at all, or just keep on posting this ridiculousness so that you can badger people who didn't read it correctly?

  • I hope this is a joke

    Deer don't look at a "deer crossing" and think "well golly gee looks like this is my crossing. I'll just wait for the Nissan Maxima and Toyota Camry to pass each other before carrying on through my kingdom." They look at a deer crossing sign, and see gibberish. They look at a car and think they can make. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. Why are the signs put where they are? Those are the places you'll most likely see a deer cross especially during mating season. The deer aren't just going to go find the sign to cross; they're going to cross anyway.

  • Deer can read now?

    There warning signs to let cars know that Deer are present in the area, so people slow down and don't hit them. Since they are a traffic hazard, deer could not care less where they cross the road. There are few ways of controlling were animals cross the roads all you can do is warn people.

  • I agree keep the signs

    Deer signs are placed for a reason on known areas where deer populate. Deer can't read maybe they can see habits of cars. Who knows how smart they really are. We do know the headlights in there eyes don't help the situation and deer whistles are useless based on studies.

  • It's about the habitat, not the signs

    Deer crossing signs are placed in places that the deer have already established as paths in their habitat. Since people gradually invaded the natural habitat of the deer these crossing points are genetically established. Removing these Deer Crossing signs at heavy traffic areas would be disastrous for the deer and motorists who would not be aware of deer crossing the highway. Keep the signs.

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