• Yes, It will encourage healthy competition

    Deregulation has become a popular international method to improve
    economic conditions and open nations to more global business. Many
    deregulation policies effect tariffs and customs fees, giving
    international companies more opportunities to conduct business overseas.
    Deregulation has the potential to change oil prices for the growing country
    I think, it can make Positive impact on our society.

  • Yes, I believe society would benefit from deregulation.

    I believe that society in general would benefit from some loosening of regulations in general, I believe people should be able to generally lead their own lives in the way that they see fit, I do believe the Government has a responsibility to make sure that people do not actively try to harm you but in general less regulations are better.

  • Regulation has gone to far and grown to be inefficient

    Deregulation for society would be beneficial because it would eliminate bureaucracy and help to remove barriers preventing efficiency. The goals of regulation are noble, and it would be unwise to go too far the other way, but there is a point when too many things are getting in the way of achieving the goals desired by regulation.

  • Caused A Bubble

    I think economist who understand what led up to the housing bubble would like to inform you that deregulation is exactly what caused the current recession. So, if you would like to blindly believe that deregulation helps society, feel free to. It does help the few people who are greedy enough to manipulate things in their favor.

  • People abuse deregulation

    Deregulation sounds great in theory. It can never happen because people have no moral compass. Look at the river in West Virginia and that fertilizer plant in Texas. Look at what the banks did when they repealed the Glass-Steagall Act. We can get rid of the regulations that do not work, but other than that, we need regulations. Sad to say!

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