• Vehicles are dangerous

    There are too many traffic fatalities, when taking into consideration that cars are supposed to be more safer now than ever, the numbers do not make sense. Car makers continue trying to make faster more comfortable cars but they sometimes forget that the fast and more comfortable the car the easier it will be to wreck it. Cars need to be built with safety in mind first, then speed and comfort second.

  • We should crack down.

    Yes, I agree that we do too little about the high traffic death toll, because traffic deaths are one of the leading causes of early death. Unfortunately, these deaths would be preventable if people would only act appropriately on the roads. We should crack down on the minority of drivers who drive unsafely.

  • No, I do not.

    Every year, car manufacturers try to make their vehicles more safe and able to absorb impact. Each year, there are more and more traffic laws enacted for the safety of driving. Each year, you see more and more signs reminding you to buckle up while you are driving. So no.

  • You can only do so much to limit death tolls on roads

    There are speed limit signs every little bit alongside the road. You see the billboards, tv ads, and cops reminding you to buckle up for safety. As much as you tell people, they are going to drive how they want to drive. Honestly, what else can the government do to reduce roadway death tolls?

  • Cars are Much Safer

    Cars and trucks are much safer now than they have ever been. Traffic fatalities are down due to safer cars on the road. However, more lives can be saved if more motorists simply wear their seat belts. Fully two-third of fatalities involve a driver not wearing a seat belt while in the vehicle.

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