Do you agree that Western extremism is on the rise?

  • Yes it is on the rise

    Western extremism is definitely on the rise right now. There are more people unhappy with what is going on and as a result more people challenging the system. I think it will die down a bit once the economy and the rest of government straightens itself out over the next few years.

  • Not far off

    Anyone who needs a religion to tell them what's right and what's wrong in life are simply weak minded scared people who can't make decisions based on their own life experiences.We are all at different learning stages in life and I do not believe there is one set way to live for example I share views of many religions and also disagree with many not excluding the western governments (probably one of the worst) not even being religious.Muslims seem to be the most violent with outrageous beliefs and many of them will not even take on another countries ways of life whilst expecting to live there. Its fair to say that there is only a minority of extremists, as is racists in other countries but the more innocent westerners we see killed and the more threats toward western countries for nothing other than ridiculous beliefs the more the young westerners realize these people who will not take on a new way of life in a new country are a big threat and it will only be a matter of time before Westerners in all countries start to react on their own accord. Most of these individuals hate their government as much as muslims but hate terror more.

  • No no more then normal

    I do think there is a lot of Western extremists but I don't think it is on the rise any more then it has been in the past. There will always be extremists who don't believe in what is going on and want a change. Western extremists are always there but not on the rise.

  • Not On The Rise

    I do not believe that Western Extremism is on the rise, mainly because there is no explanation to what this term means. No one seems to know what is meant by this. I believe cultures change and people are influenced by different things, but Western Extremism is pretty un-descriptive of what it could mean.

  • No, the west is not extreme.

    No, I do not agree that Western extremism is on the rise, because the West is only trying to cope with the rise of Eastern and Middle Eastern extremism. With people wanting to kill all Americans and Israelis, the West has to do something to respond to the ongoing threats. They are not being extremist to not want to die.

  • No One Knows What That Is

    I do not agree that Western extremism is on the rise. To quantify rather something is on the rise, requires a definition and since I am unable to even as much as find a definition for Western extremism, I have to assume that it is not on the rise or it is generally referred to as something else.

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