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Do you agree to return to school after teacher vaccinations?

  • Yes only this should have been done once we realised the virus isnt dangerous for children.

    Students are at less of a risk of dying from covid than the flu, Therefore the education system should have persisted as per any other flu season. "The children are the top priority" is the message we hear from politicians, Teachers, School boards and their unions. Yet despite the obvious drawbacks of remote learning, The schools are still closed. So whats the reason? Whose the top priority? I have my assumptions but ill let anyone who disagrees make their case.

  • Face-to-face teaching is essential.

    If we analyze the fact that face-to-face teaching brings more benefits and is more effective for the development of learning, As seen with remote education, The number of school dropouts grew more than usual. Because It is noticeable that keeping the focus on online studies is more difficult for young people, Not to mention that there are economic situations that make access to online education even more difficult.

  • I prefer to continue with remote learning

    If we analyze the fact that it brings risks to students and families, It is better to continue online, As only health professionals, Education professionals and the elderly were vaccinated, That is, If we look at the side of going back to face-to-face teaching when they are all safe, Then a higher percentage of vaccinated people is needed.

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