• Better on Animals

    Animal research is part of the process of creating a better standard of living for humans. Many human improvements and technological advances have resulted because of animal testing. Animals are not on the same level as humans and it is important to figure out issues before we put a human’s life in danger.

  • Yes, animals should be used for research.

    I believe that it is okay for animals to be used for research to a certain extent. Most of the progress we have made in medicine today would not be possible without test subjects. Using humans for research is way too risky for now, so animals are the next best thing. I do not, however, think that animals should be used in experiments that could potentially harm or kill them.

  • No, I do not.

    I think we underestimate the intelligence and feelings that animals have. I know we humans are the smartest beings on the planet (not by far) but I think we over-exaggerate our ability to feel more than other animals do. Particularly mammals. For these reasons, I think there are ethical problems with animal research.

  • I do not agree with animals being used for research.

    I do not agree with animals being used for research. Animals should not be used in lab settings because they are not like humans at all. Just because something is bad for animals does not mean that it is good for humans and vice versa. I think it is wrong to test on animals.

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