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  • Anti-Semitism is wrong and needs to be eradicated through learning about Jewish people

    I don't agree with anti-Semitism. I think we need to respect others for their individual actions and respect their cultural backgrounds. Unless people are committing criminal acts, then we should not judge them at all. Anti-Semitism is age-old discrimination and people should learn about Jewish people and culture rather than judge them on strictly political beliefs.

  • Nobody should agree with racism

    Anti-Semitism is just a specific form of bigotry and should not be tolerated or accepted by any rational human being. One does not need support the policies of a country like Israel but also spread their disagreements to the Jewish people at large, who are people just like any other.

  • Why would I?

    I have never understood the thinking that you can discriminate or hate against one group of people just because of the genetic or religious background. There are good and bad people in every demographic and we need to not focus on what someone believes and more about what they do.

  • No. Any kind of hate towards any ethnic group with intentions of ethnic cleansing is wrong, Including the Jewish.

    Any form of racism is wrong. Besides there is only one race, And that is the human race no matter what background we come from, No matter what skin color we have, We are all equals as natural human beings, Boys, Girls, Men, And women. Any sort of hate towards any ethnic group such as Asians, Caucasian, Hispanics, Africans, And even the Jewish, Is wrong. Why? Because 1. Genocide is a crime against humanity. 2. We are all human beings. One's skin color and ethnic background does not make him or her less of a human being. 3. There is only one race, The human race and many ethnic groups that are all equal, Are all human beings and unique. 4. There is no "superior race" in existence. That idea was created by leftists such as the Nazis. (Nazis were leftists fyi and the authoritarian left has been lying about the Nazis for years now)

    Asians(Chinese, Japanese etc) were once seen as white and we still technically are so we are equals to the Caucasians/Westerners/Whites. Historically, This whole "yellow race" invention was created by the Prussian Kaiser, Wilhelm II in the late 1800s because he thought Asians were going to invade Europe and take over when that wasn't even true. The Jewish were friends of the Germans until the Nazi party took over and drove them out, Then sent them to concentration camps, Then killed them in gas chambers. It has always been the left that's been doing all of this. All the lies about stereotypes, Stigma etc, All of that was invented by the leftists to divide us humans. It's time we fight back against the leftists and every lie that ever was invented. Before they came along, Racism wasn't even a thing all that much. It's time we stop the left once and for all by getting rid of their lies including racism besides stereotypes, Stupid ideologies about gender and sex not being the same when they are, Allowing pedos to walk on the streets in front of little kids, All this insanity needs to stop! We can make a difference and make humanity a better place for everyone by destroying the left and everything that goes with it.

  • No, I do not agree with anti-semitism.

    I believe all human beings on this earth are equal and we need to accept all human beings. It does your not matter ones race, ethnicity, or religious background. We have good and bad inferior and superior of all groups. Anti-semitism is a prejudice against people who are jewish and prejudice against a certain group of people is not right.

  • Anti-Semitism is prejudice, no different than any other prejudice.

    Anti-Semitism is just like any other form of prejudice. Whether it is race, gender, sexual preference, or religion, any view that groups people as a whole and makes them feel "less than" anyone else is not acceptable. We have come too far to go back to the days of judging people based on race, gender, sexual identity or religion.

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