Do you agree with Ben Carson's statement and believe a Muslim should never become president of the United States?

Asked by: lifeizgut24
  • Yes, of course

    Really, do you people want a terrorist running the country? Just use your brain and come to a logical conclusion about that! Muslims want to destroy America and it's citizens, why would you want one as President of the US of A? How dare you, you are terrorists to. I have lost faith in this country.

  • Carson is being misrepresented.

    He didn't say a Muslim couldn't run for president or be president. He said only that he is personally against a Muslim being president. He bases this on the many freedoms our constitution provides and the many freedoms that have fanned out from it, and how those freedoms would be impacted by a president with a probability of following Islamic tradition above US political freedoms. Just think about it. Women have the right to vote, they are their own person and not subject to the jurisdiction of their husbands, they can dress as they choose, can run for president. Gay people can get married, can run for president, etc. We have a lot of Jewish people in this country, and are allies with Israel (debatable under Obama). Islam isn't just a religion under government, it is the basis of the government. How would all of these freedoms fare under a Muslim president? Even if he were moderate, how much pressure would he be under by non-moderate? And how much would such a president be trusted by the vast majority of people in the US? Not at all. Calling those people bigots or whatever is immaterial, doesn't solve anything. It is what it is. You can't have a president that would be distrusted to that degree, it really is a revolution waiting to happen. Ben Carson was alluding to all of this. It doesn't make him a bad guy, just a realist.

  • My high hopes are dashed.

    He seems like a breath of fresh air in the republican party then he opens his mouth about religion and ruins it. He managed to both generalize Muslims and display his lack of understanding when it comes to our condition and very nature of America. Since Islam , Christianity, and Judaism all share the same roots I wonder what he thinks about an atheist, a Hindu or Buddhist being president. Given that he also said that he wants America to recognize god as or leader I think he has displayed that he is to confined by religious dogma to serve political office. It really is a shame not many candidates approach politics with his maturity. Maybe it's just landing to Christian voters but that is disappointing as well. I get that he thinks that sharia law isn't consistent with the constitution but neither are many Christian teachings and further more not all Muslims follow sharia law to the t.

  • Read the Full Context of His Remarks Please!

    Essentially what Carson was trying to say was the same question that was raised about JFK when he ran for president. A president can have no higher loyalty than his loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. In JFK's case, people wondered if he would be controlled by the pope. Dr. Carson was trying to say that he didn't believe that a Muslim who had a higher allegiance to Sharia law should become president. The context of his comments were not fully reported in the media. If you find a transcript of his comments, he clearly states that a Muslim should not become president only if they demonstrated a higher loyalty to Sharia law instead of our Constitution.

  • Are you being serious?

    The fact that this is even up for debate shocks me. This whole, "Not wanting a terrorist for president" is completely crazy. Not every muslim is a terrorist. Most are very peaceful people. But of course, every one has such a bad view on them. Its strange though, because if a white guy were to shoot up a mall, it would make the news but eventually die down and not be spoken of again. But, if that were to be a muslim, all hell would break lose and every one would bash on all muslims. Dont you see it? No one were to ever say that a white person shouldnt be allowed to be president. Not all muslims are terrorist so the fact that some one would think you are automatically one if you practice that religion, is beyond stupid.

  • Anybody with the Qualifications and Support Can Be President

    I take no issue with a possible President being Muslim. I take no issue with a potential President being Christian. I take no issue with a potential President being atheist. The President's job is to adhere to the Constitution. The President has the freedom, just like everyone else, to practice their religion as long as it does not interfere with running the country. People should vote for a candidate based on their views on issues and how they plan to tackle them. Simply declining to vote for a candidate because he/she practices the Muslim religion in their spare time, prior to getting acquainted to their views on the issues is misguided.

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