Do you agree with Bloomberg banning things like Hershey bars and soda?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • Prohibition of any commodity is inherently ineffective.

    Someday, people are going to need to come to their senses and understand that, however undesirable/harmful an item or substance might be, outlawing it is NOT the way to go. It has been proven countless times that prohibition does nothing to decrease the availability of an item or use of a substance. The drug war is a failure. Gun control is a failure. The alcohol prohibition of the 20th century was a failure. Bizarrely enough, politicians still ignore this damning evidence and suggest that banning things will somehow solve the problems they create. The ridiculousness of this stance cannot be overstated.

  • I think it's ridiculous

    I mean there are worse things out in the world, and he's going around claiming that he knows what's best for the city and society. No, banning Hershey bars and soda isn't gonna help the obesity problem. It'll only make rebellion worse, cause some people will try to break the law anyhow.

  • No that is not cool

    Hershey was a brilliant. Many people eat these delectable sweets. Some sweets can help faithing problems from lack of sugar. Hershey is a delicious sweet treat that everyone enjoys and can have. I dont want to ban hershey. Sodas are amazing. They add energy to your body and they are great for parties

  • That would just cause Snack Food Cartels lol

    Humans will find ways to get the things they want. Drugs are illegal. Look at how many people are using drugs. Obviously junk food is bad for you, but its not someone else's decision about what someone can or cannot eat. If someone wants to eat chips and drink soda and be fat, then so be it. To each their own. But it's not up to them to decide that for people

  • Haha, heck no

    Banning candy bars and drinks isn't going to keep people from getting it. Chocolate should never ever be banned. Never. There are many obese people who don't necessarily like soda or/and are allergic to chocolate. So it's not going to do much.

    But I want to go on an important note. I'm diabetic. I don't need to be drinking soda or eating candy bars right? But see, when my BG goes low candy or soda is the two MAIN things that will bring it back up. My grandma will drink a bit of soda to bring her blood pressure back up after it gets dangerously low. So what I'm saying is, I don't agree with potential life savers being banned. Soda and candy isn't a bad thing, people just need to cut down on the junk and exercise more is all.

  • It isn't the junk foods' fault- it's the people's!

    Bloomberg banning things like Hershey bars and soda is ridiculous. They have been American norms for decades. For example, in the 1950's when both treats were around, was obesity a major issue? No, it wasn't. It isn't their fault, it's the fault of the people eating them. They are to blame, not the candy or soda, because they are making the decision to eat. They could've chosen some water and an apple, but they didn't. They could have chosen to gone to the gym to work off the calories, but they didn't. Heck, they didn't even have to get the Big Gulp or king size Hershey bar at all. Bloomberg shouldn't be banning Hershey bars and soda to fight obesity- he, instead, should understand that is the decision of the people of New York, that they're the reason. America is nation known for its freedom, and isn't the ban of common foods the opposite of that? A Coke and Hershey bar is a nice thing to have every once in a while, and I guarantee every American has had at least one or two in their lifetime. Bloomberg is just an idiot trying to display his power in the dumbest of ways. NYC is smart for electing a new mayor.

  • I'm sick of those liberal hypocrites

    They all go on about freedom and civil rights and yet they're trying to take away my guns which may threaten the lives of other people and they're trying to take away my over-sized quantities of food which are a danger to my personal health and to my children due to an extravagant amount of marketing that specifically targets them. When I try to strip away other people's rights it's for good reasons. Like, say, because they're immigrants that happen to be a certain skin color that will be executed if they don't come here or perhaps because they wish to engage in sex acts that does absolutely nothing to harm anyone that's not involved. This is what true Americans stand for, freedom for obnoxious self-entitled children who think they deserve exclusive rights because they can shout the loudest.

    Sorry about all that, I just figured that by making this inevitable dumb argument before some of our more slower-minded folks on this site did, I'd save us all some time. No, I do not agree with Bloomberg's banning things like Hershey bars and soda. It is in-arguably for the greater good and snack foods will honestly only ever be a detriment to society. But you know what? I love junk food, and something being bad for our health never stopped us from drinking, smoking, listening to the news, or electing intellectually bankrupt old men who probably commit far, far worse acts than simply eating unhealthy foods. I know exactly where this is heading. Ol' Bloomberg probably doesn't want to ban things like Hershey bars. Really, he's probably just trying to stir up some attention about 'banning' snack foods so we can practically be thankful when he gets around to taxing them under the guise of it 'to lower the obesity problem'.

    If we want people to make the right choice, we have to actually give them a choice first. We need to make it absolutely clear why this food is bad and we need to give people the education and resources to follow through with making better choices.

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themohawkninja says2013-11-17T18:05:45.663
Whoa, wait a minute.

I knew that he banned (or at least tried to, I don't remember if it passed) large soda drinks, but did he ban ALL soda, and HERSHEY bars?

How un-American can this guy get? Is he going to ban baseball and apple pie next?
Adam2 says2013-11-17T18:06:57.787
I don't know that he ever banned Hershey bars and whatnot, but he seems to want to do it everything I see one his bans.
Adam2 says2013-11-17T18:07:25.073
I never stated that he did ban Hershey bars, I said, "things like" meaning I wasn't exactly saying he did it. So I wasn't trying to slander him.
Adam2 says2013-11-17T18:07:55.107
I know he didn't ban Hershey bars, and I never said that, but it seems like he wants to. New York has been going crazy with dieting laws. Big government cronies are doing this.
Adam2 says2013-11-17T18:10:24.150
I never said he banned all soda.
Adam2 says2013-11-17T18:10:35.163
I thought he did ban soda, but apparently it was only large soda
themohawkninja says2013-11-17T18:15:08.653
When you just say "soda", I tend to think that such a generalization means that it is all soda.
Adam2 says2013-11-17T18:15:47.087
Well, I never said that he did it, I meant "things like" as a hypothetical situation.